The Batwa People: The Forgotten Tribe of Uganda

“I wouldn’t go visit them, it’s sad and very uncomfortable,” my tour guide told us when arriving in South-Western Uganda. She was referring to a local tribe known as the Batwa people. Being a person that finds the importance learning extensively about the cultures and people of the places I visit, I was still intrigued despite her warning. I had been on a 2.5 week tour of Uganda and Kenya, and felt that I hadn’t really been immersed in the culture. We had toured together on a truck with other tourists, camped so we weren’t staying in local hotels, and made all our own food at the campsites. I was craving that connection with locals that I usually get when traveling outside of a tour group. I felt like all I had seen was the glorified white, tourist version of East Africa, and I wouldn’t be doing it justice if I left with only seeing the beautiful animals it had to offer. So my girl friend and I decided in our free time to select the local cultural immersion tour offered through a hotel we were camping at. The tour would take us to visit the Batwa people, as well … Continue reading The Batwa People: The Forgotten Tribe of Uganda