Surviving the Overnight Bus to Banaue (Philippines)

All day I tried to get myself in the right mind frame for the overnight bus from Manila to Banaue. I’ve been on overnight trains in both Thailand and India, but never a bus, and never sitting upright for ten or more hours. Plus, although reading things online can be helpful, it can also scare you a bit. Reviews for Ohayami buses to Banaue weren’t good, but there are very few other options to get you there.  What I did learn from online reviews was that the buses were freezing and the area in Manila the bus terminal was located in didn’t have much around it. So I packed all my layers in my carry-on, and stocked up on snacks and ate a good dinner at Mall of Asia before heading to the station. Which after seeing where the station was, I can honestly say that the reviewers were right.  The station The station is a tiny open air building with a small ticket counter and seating area. It’s recommended that if you are wanting to buy tickets day of, you should come by earlier in the evening or afternoon to get your tickets in advance to guarantee you a … Continue reading Surviving the Overnight Bus to Banaue (Philippines)