The Deal Behind Riding Elephants

It tops many peoples bucket lists, and when most people think of visiting countries like Thailand, the first thing they think of is riding an elephant. Everyone wants a photo on top of these gentle giants, and I was one of those people until I recently was about to jet off to Southeast Asia this past December. I didn’t realize that riding elephants was bad until my sister, who is an animal biologist, told me so. After doing some more research, and deciding to opt out of elephant riding and opt into a visit to the Elephant Nature Park instead, my bucket list item was changed. Most people wonder if riding elephants is really that bad. I mean, you see everyone else doing it, so surely if it was bad it would be against the law right? Wrong. The issue is the lack of awareness and the lack of laws in Southeast Asia surrounding protecting elephants. It’s shocking how many elephant camps in Asia advertise and claim to treat the elephants well, but the moment you visit them you realize that this isn’t necessarily the case. I completely get how tourists fall for this, in most countries, claiming to be … Continue reading The Deal Behind Riding Elephants