Braving the Canadian Winter at Hotel de Glace

If you’re looking for a unique accommodation this winter, to truly experience Canada, Hotel de Glace, located around 4km outside of Quebec City, is a must. This hotel, whether you’re brave enough to spend the night, or just looking for a tour, is a must visit if you find yourself in Quebec. There aren’t very many ice hotels kicking around, and this one is quite incredible. You aren’t going to find tiny little snow forts to sleep in at Hotel de Glace. The hotel has 44 rooms and suites each uniquely designed. As you walk through each room and section of the hotel, you’ll be blown away by the detail in the sculptures that decorate each room. You won’t have typical furniture placed among your icy room, your bed, chairs, and anything else your room comes with will be made of ice. Don’t worry, you’ll get a real mattress though! But since this hotel is in Quebec, where they get warm summers, each year the hotel melts to the ground and is built again. Around December, when the temperatures are below 0, in come the 50+ people who will begin working on the hotel over six weeks. More than 30,000 … Continue reading Braving the Canadian Winter at Hotel de Glace