How to Spend Two Days in Halifax & Dartmouth, Nova Scotia

Halifax and Dartmouth are great places to spend a few days when you’re looking for a laid-back, slow-paced getaway that isn’t far off-the-beaten-path. I visited back in August, and wanted to share with you some of my tips of things to do and see while you’re visiting, so here is my sample two day itinerary for a fantastic two days! Day One: Halifax Start your first day in Halifax with an easy, and inexpensive breakfast at Bird’s Nest or Steve-O-Reno’s. Bird’s Nest has great breakfast sandwiches, and Steve-O-Reno’s has basic breakfasts that are inexpensive and tasty. After breakfast, head for a stroll in the Public Gardens. The gardens are free and open from 7am-7:30pm. These gardens are from the Victorian Era and are located centrally downtown Halifax. Stroll out of the gardens and down the main strip to pop in and out of some of the cute locals shops that line the main drag. One of my fav is on a side street called Black Market and is full of cute, boho, hippie-esque items from all over the world. Head to Fortune Donuts or Dee Dee’s Ice Cream if you’re looking for a locally made sweet treat. After some shopping, … Continue reading How to Spend Two Days in Halifax & Dartmouth, Nova Scotia