Toronto West End Brewery Tour

Toronto is loaded with craft breweries everywhere you turn. There are seriously a never-ending amount you can visit. Earlier this year, I decided I needed to make more of a conscious effort to visit and try local breweries in the city, as a craft beer enthusiast, it was sad I hadn’t been to very many other than the mainstream ones in the city.  Over the course of the next few months, I’m going to share with you my brewery hopping options in different parts of the city. Since Toronto is pretty spread out, there are pockets of breweries that are close together that are easy to hop between, but not all are practical in one day unless you really want to travel. For this guide, I’ve put together a list of, and some route options for brewery tours in the west end of the city.  Option 1: This route starts around Roncesvalle’s neighbourhood, however, you can of course do this route in whatever order makes sense to you. All the breweries are walking distance and total you’d be walking around 60 minutes, so think of it as 12 minutes to each brewery.  Henderson I loved the vibe of Henderson’s because … Continue reading Toronto West End Brewery Tour