Ecotourism in Jordan: Interview with A Piece of Jordan

When I recently was visiting Jordan, an organization called A Piece of Jordan reached out to me about going on a community excursion while I was in Petra. Unfortunately my schedule didn’t allow for it, but when I took a deeper look into A Piece of Jordan, I realized┬áthe great tours they offered that allowed you to immerse yourself in the real, more authentic Jordan. I definitely wanted to feature them and the great work they’re doing on my blog in some way, shape, or form. So I chatted with Steph, one of the owners behind A Piece of Jordan to learn more about what they do, and why they do it! Tell me a bit about yourself and what lead you to starting A Piece of Jordan? I am originally from Birmingham, United Kingdom, but home is now Petra, Jordan. I first came to Jordan on holiday in 2005, after a visit to Petra and a horse ride down to the Siq (and love at first sight) my fate was sealed. Anas and I married in 2006 and despite living in the UK for a short while we have decided to settle and raise our family here in Jordan. … Continue reading Ecotourism in Jordan: Interview with A Piece of Jordan