30 Countries By 30

I can’t believe that today I turned 30 years old. Holy guacamole! Seriously, where did the time go? I feel like when you’re younger, turning another year older was so exciting, and a year felt like an eternity. Then all of a sudden you get into your 20’s and time flies so incredibly fast that you’d give anything to just have it slow down just for a little bit. I have mixed emotions about turning 30. For starters, I have always been a person who has LOVED my birthday. If you know me, when I was in college my birthday was a month-long extravaganza. Age never really mattered to me, however, turning 29 last year I was started to begin to get that age anxiety. After all, 29 would be my last year in my 20’s and even though I know 30 isn’t old, it still feels like I blinked and my 20’s were gone. The struggle of turning 30 I think one of the most challenging things, mentally, when it comes to turning 30 is that image you had in your mind back when you were younger of where you’d be by the time you were 30. I thought … Continue reading 30 Countries By 30