A Personal Reflection from Isolation

As I’m writing this blog post, I’m sitting within my studio apartment downtown Toronto on my eighth week of isolation. Only a few short months ago I was traveling across East Africa living my best life. COVID-19 wasn’t even a topic of conversation back then (at least in not in North America), and I would’ve never imagined how different our lives would be only a few months later. I remember at the end of February when more cases were being reported, I still wasn’t that concerned. We weren’t forced to isolate yet, and most people that had contracted the virus had traveled to China or been in contact with someone who had. I was in the group of Millennials that were watching flights to see if any hot deals popped up as people became less and less eager to travel. It’s crazy how things can so drastically change at the drop of a dime. The week of March 9th is when I started to feel a little bit uneasy about the whole situation. There was a case reported within my office building, and washing my hands/sanitizing definitely became more frequent. By that Friday, the paranoia of everyone in Toronto arrived … Continue reading A Personal Reflection from Isolation