Bonjourno, Bonjour, Aloha, Hello, Sawasdess,

My name is Lauren Marinigh, I was born in a small town north of Toronto, Canada, called Orillia. Despite the fact that I have small town blood running through my veins, my parents put the travel bug in me at a young age. Growing up I was fortunate enough that whenever there was an opportunity for me to travel, my parents found a way to let me do it, even if it wasn’t in their budget. From family vacations, school trips and exchanges to Europe, to teaching overseas in Spain, those trips are what shaped me into the travel-obsessed person I am today. I’ve always said that I want to see every inch of this planet, experience every culture, try every food, and soak in every bit of beauty this world has to offer, and I won’t be satisfied until I do just that, but I have one thing standing in my way, a 9-5 job.

I work a full-time job in social media marketing in the financial district of Toronto. The majority of my time is spent in a cubicle, so I take full advantage of my limited vacation days whenever I can. I want to show everyone that it’s possible to see the world while still maintaining and building a career.

I love to write about the places I’ve been, people I’ve met, and offer advice that will help others travel and see the world, even if they are stuck with limited vacation days and a career that is tying them down to one place.

Please come back and visit frequently, as you never know when I’ll be jetting off to my next destination!


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