See Ya Later Bangkok, Hello Chiang Mai!

Today we were pretty lazy. At least in comparison to our trekking in 40 degree weather yesterday around Bangkok. We slept in this morning and then headed to Khao San Road to wander around the area a bit and do some shopping. There wasn’t as many vendors set up like yesterday but all the little shops were cool.

We then stopped at a restaurant to have some drinks and pad thai. On our way to find a cab back to our hostel, we took a last minute pitstop for a $4 foot massage which was amazing. Forget barhopping, lets go massage hopping here. It’s so cheap to get any massage. Ours was 30 minutes long.

Pad Thai Bangkok

After our massage we headed back to our hostel for some relaxation (as if the massage wasn’t relaxing enough) before we embark on a 15 hour overnight train to Chaing Mai tonight. Which should be interesting!

Thai Massage


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