What’s In My Bag? The Philippines Edition

I can’t believe the time has come for me to jet off to the Philippines, it seems like just yesterday I decided to take the plunge and book my airline ticket! Now despite the fact the weather is looking a bit (okay, a lot) rainy while I’m there, I’m determined to make the best of it. Here’s what’s in my bag for this trip! I found it a bit harder to pack this time around because half way through my trip I’ll be attending a travel conference (TBEX) and wanted to make sure I had more than just fitness clothes to wear while there!

Packing List Britain 4

The Bag:

My Eddie Bauer First Ascent backpack.


Not Photographed: Sweaters


– Three fitness tank tops
– Grey tank top
– Black tank top
– Black t-shirt
– Lululemon black sweater
– Black cardigan (For TBEX)



– Denim shorts
– Black fitness shorts x2
– Grey fitness shorts
– Black leggings


My undergarments, bathing suit & pyjamas, all fit in that handy packing cube. Not photographed: my rain apparel.

Other Clothing:

– Black dress (For TBEX)
– Pink dress (For TBEX)
– Bathing suit
– Colourful maxi dress
– Tye dye onesie
– Black sports bra x2
– Strapless beige bra
– Underwear x15
– Socks x7
– Poncho & rain jacket (It’s rainy season after all)



– Gladiator sandals (For TBEX)
– Flipflops
– Running shoes



– Makeup (I’m mainly packing this for TBEX, I don’t usually wear makeup while traveling)
– Face wipes
– Advil
– Gravol
– Immodium & Pepto
– Antibiotics
– Contact lenses, case & solution
– Glasses
– Hair brush
– Face wash & cream
– Moisturizer
– Sunscreen & aloe (Although may not be needed by the looks of the weather… womp womp)
– Toothbrush & toothpaste
– Shampoo & conditioner



– Headphones
– Fuji xA2 camera & charger
– GoPro & charger
– Selfie stick & floater for GoPro
– iPhone 6S & phone charger
– Power bar (There’s never enough outlets in rooms)
– Converters for outlets


Inside my carry-on!


– Waterproof bag (For the beach or when it’s raining)
– Quick dry towel
– Beach coverup (Can be used as a blanket, towel or scarf)
– Journal & pens
– Novel (Holy Cow)
– Protein bars (I can’t even count how many times these have saved me)
– Print outs of confirmations (Believe me, you never know when you’ll need them)
– Money (Filipino currency & USD)
– Passport, ID, health card & proof of travel insurance
– Business cards (For TBEX)

Huge shout-out to Lindsay Davies of I’ve Been Bit who graciously allowed me to use her awesome photo for this post. You can follow her adventures on Twitter, Facebook & Instagram. 

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