Ziplining & Rafting in Chiang Mai

Ziplining in Chiang Mai Today we woke up bright and early to head out on a tour organized through our hostel with Earth Eco Tours. We basically choose the only tour that didn’t involve inhumanly riding elephants.

We loaded into the truck and headed up the mountain to go ziplining through the forest which was really cool. Once we finished ziplining we headed for lunch at a little place on the side of the river. Our lunch was pretty good. It was pad Thai wrapped up in leaves (see photo).

Pad Thai Thailand

After lunch we headed to go white water rafting. The rapids for this were very minor, not like you see on TV or in other white water rafting places but it was still fun to go along the river and our guide made it really fun. We could hardly understand the commands he was giving us to navigate us through the rapids which made it funny.

White Water Rafting Chiang mai

We got off the raft, and loaded on to a bamboo raft for only about 5 minutes down the river. It was very peaceful but we were slightly disappointed we only got to sit on the raft and didn’t get to learn to maneuver them ourselves.

We ended up ending our tour earlier then expected so our guide made a last minute stop at the Elephant PooPooPaperPark. Which was entirely random but pretty neat. You walked through on a self-guided tour to see the different stages of how they make eco-friendly paper with elephant poo and other animal poo. We ended up getting little elephant Christmas ornaments that were made from elephant poo!

Elephant poo poo park

Today is a national holiday for the King’s Birthday so were hoping to find some festivities when we go out for dinner tonight.


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