The Best Brunch in Toronto, Canada

Brunch, the most important meal of the day. I love brunch and when I recently moved to a new neighbourhood in Toronto, I realized that the only brunch spots I frequented were the ones in my old neighbourhood (Liberty Village). I needed to find some new go-to places that were around me and on the quest to find places near me, I may have expanded this to finding the best brunch instead.

So I set out on a mission. I curated a list which I called my “Brunch Bucket List” of places I needed to go and try to consider for inclusion in this blog post. I’m a strong believer that I can’t just recommend places I haven’t tried myself! Each of these places on this list were tried and tested by me, and no, no one paid me to write good things about them! Although this is only a small fraction of the yummy brunch joints in Toronto, these are definitely some you need to try.


School was probably where my Toronto brunch love affair started. Located in Liberty Village, School’s restaurant is school themed, with juice in beaker glasses and progress report receipts. They have a great patio in the summer months and serve yummy, fancy twists on breakfast classics. The orange infused french toast coated in rice crispies is my favourite but the bacon and cheese french toast may just cure your hangover. Be prepared to wait in line if you don’t get there at opening on weekends.

Location: 70 Fraser Avenue
Hours: Monday-Friday 10am-3pm, Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-3pm
Menu: Available here
Special notes: No reservations

The Depanneur

A small little restaurant with an open and retro kitchen located on College Street. I was pleasantly surprised at how yummy the food was here and how reasonably priced it was for what you got. I ordered a fancy take on pancakes that was absolutely to die for. Their menu isn’t large, but it’s mighty and they also offer different food workshops outside of regular brunch hours.

Location: 1033 College Street
Hours: Only weekend brunch from 10am-2pm
Menu: Available here
Special notes: No reservations 


This brunch spot may be surprising on the list given that they are a brewery. However, what made me fall for Batch was that it was a brunch spot I didn’t need to wait in line for and their brunch was amazing. I had stuffed french toast with basil, goat cheese and strawberries. I also had a mimosa, however, given it’s a brewery, you can also have some beer for breakfast if that’s your thing.

Location: 75 Victoria Street
Hours: Monday-Sunday starting at 11am
Menu: Available here
Special notes: Reservations can be made here


Located at the top of a high rise condo building and boasting spectacular views of the city, Lavelle may be known as a party spot at night, but it transforms into a classy and great brunch spot in the day. The dining area is large, making it easier than some spots on this list to get a seat or reservation. The menu is filled with all your brunch favs and a few that you wouldn’t expect. I had the avocado toast which comes presented like a work of art and I also tried some of their fresh baked goods.

Location: 627 King Street West
Hours: Monday-Friday starting at 11:30am, Saturday-Sunday starting at 11am
Menu: Available here
Special notes: Reservations can be made here


Located at Church and Wellseley, Smith is the cutest, three floor, restaurant in an old converted house. I sat in the ballet studio area which had mirrors on the wall, a ballet bar and pointe shoes as decorations. I don’t know if they purposely sat me there due to my love of dance, but I loved it. The menu has a mix of sweet and savory and has daily waffle and pancake specials, which I had (see above). This was one of my favourites on this list for sure.

Location: 553 Church Street
Hours: Tuesday-Friday from 11am-4pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-4pm
Menu: Available here
Special notes: Reservations can be made here

Lena Restaurante

Part of the Oliver & Bonacini restaurant empire, Lena’s menu is inspired by South America. The ambience of the place is a cute, yet classy cafe which makes for a cozy and bright brunch spot. Lena’s wasn’t on my original list of places to try but it took me by surprise when I ended up there. Their avocado toast with chickpea spread and oven-dried tomatoes was simple but delicious and I’m eager to go back and try some of their other unique and exotic brunch items.

Location: 176 Yonge Street
Hours: Monday-Friday starting from 7:30am, Saturday-Sunday starting at 10am
Menu: Available here
Special notes: Reservations can be made here

Rose & Sons Swans

Rose & Sons actually has two locations, but since I haven’t tried their Dupont location, I’m including their Queen West one. This small little brunch spot with its hipster-like decor is charming, simple, and delicious. Their menu is more simple than some of the others on this list, however, it doesn’t disappoint. I had their french toast with fruit compote, and a side of bacon, which was perfectly done. However, due to the small size of this place, you’ll want to get there early in order to grab a spot without a wait on the weekend.

Location: 892 Queen Street West
Hours: Monday-Sunday starting at 9am
Menu: Available here
Special notes: No reservations available, line usually starts around 10:30-11am on weekends

Lola’s Kitchen

Despite this restaurant being located in the classy Yorkville neighbourhood, this casual joint is a comforting breakfast spot. The menu includes a million great options for vegans, vegetarians and those with gluten intolerances (which is hard to find for brunch). But don’t worry, there’s stuff for us without any restrictions too. Their eggs rancheros are one of the most popular menu items (pictured above) which included black beans, eggs (or tofu), cheese, guac, pico de gallo, lime yogurt, corn, all on a crispy tortilla bowl. It was absolutely to die for, and my mouth is still watering thinking about it now!

Location: 634 Church Street
Hours: Saturday-Sunday 10am-4pm
Menu: Available here
Special notes: No reservations available

Old School 

This Dundas West diner has a mix of the old school diner vibe with a modern twist. Old School is a venture that was created by the chef behind School which also made this list and the menu definitely is just as impressive. Serving unique twists to old classics, like latka egg benedict and cheesecake stuffed french toast, I can’t wait to go back here to try more menu items! I ordered the brown sugar, bacon and banana waffles, and also tried the blueberry hill pancakes (photographed above). The best part was that we walked in at noon on a Saturday and got a table no problem, which is rare in a yummy Toronto brunch restaurant.

Location: 800 Dundas West
Hours: Saturday-Sunday 8am-5pm
Menu: Available here
Special notes: Does not take weekend brunch reservations

Portland Variety

This charming cafe located on King West has plenty of seating and converts to a tapas bar once the sun goes down. I always knew this place as one you could pop into for a coffee or pastry to go, but not surprisingly they make some delicious brunch that has a Spanish flare and also some other spins on the breakfast classics like their ricotta pancakes. I had the fried egg bravas which was two eggs on top of a bed of spiced potatoes, bacon lardons, spiced tomato sauce and drizzled with garlic aioli. It was absolutely fantastic! Service was quick and friendly, and even though we had to wait 30 minutes for a table they have lots of seating and they seemed to move people in and out efficiently.

Location: 587 King Street West
Hours: Monday-Friday 7am-11am, Saturday 10am-2pm, Sunday 10am-3pm
Menu: Available here (weekday brunch has a smaller menu)
Special notes: Reservations not available for weekends, available here weekdays 


This restaurant wins in cuteness factor, especially the patio which is enclosed in the winter. With a rustic feeling, Wish definitely doesn’t impress with only their decor. The food at Wish is delicious. Their menu includes classics like eggs and bacon, and eggs benedict, but also includes more gourmet dishes. I had the avocado toast with cherry tomatoes, goat cheese and poached eggs and my friend had the challah french toast with bananas and blueberries. I also ordered a side of potatoes, all of which were delicious and beautifully presented.

Location: 3 Charles Street East
Hours: Tuesday-Saturday 11:30am, Sunday 10am-4pm
Menu: Available here
Special notes: Reservations available here

The Ace

Another Toronto favourite, The Ace was a brunch spot I was eager to try, despite the location that is a bit out of the way unless you’re visiting the far West End of Toronto in the Roncesvalles neighbourhood. The Ace is a cute diner that will often have people waiting outside for its opening on weekends. Their brunch menu has all the favourites as well as a weekend omelette, waffle and other specials. I had the french toast made with thick-sliced baguettes and topped with caramelized bananas and french blueberries.

Location: 231A Roncesvalles Avenue
Hours: Saturday-Sunday 9:30am-3pm
Menu: Available here
Special notes: Reservations not available

Saving Grace

I have been waiting to go to Saving Grace for awhile now, however, it’s often very busy and hard to get into. Expect to wait! This converted old house serves a simple, yet delicious menu. I had a half order of both the pancake and waffle specials because I couldn’t decide which I wanted (lemon and blueberry waffles and pumpkin and walnut pancakes), both were delicious! One thing to note is that they don’t have a liquor license so if you’re wanting a boozy brunch this isn’t the place for you.

Location: 907 Dundas Street West 
Hours: Open Monday-Friday 9am-2:30pm, Saturday-Sunday 10am-2:30pm 
Menu: Available here
Special notes: No reservations available. When you arrive (if it’s full), you’ll need to put your name on the wait list hanging inside and wait outdoors until it’s your turn to be seated. 

Mildred’s Temple Kitchen

Another Liberty Village favourite, Mildred’s Temple Kitchen is known for their buttermilk blueberry pancakes served with maple syrup and whipped cream. Mildred’s also has a great patio in the summer months and is a fan favourite across the city, not just in the West End. When I first visited here and had the eggs benedict, I wasn’t completely blown away but when I returned to give it a second chance to live up to its hype, I ordered the famous pancakes and was nothing short but impressed.

Location: 85 Hanna Avenue
Hours: Open Monday-Friday 11am-3pm, Saturday-Sunday 9am-3pm
Menu: Available here
Special notes: No reservations for brunch, read their brunch essentials here

These are just a few of many brunch spots in the city and I would love to hear your favourites! Share them below in the comments.

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    February 15, 2017 at 8:13 am

    Your brunchstagrams are always on fleek. I now want to eat all of Toronto and fight anyone who says brunch isn’t the best meal of the day. Thanks for the pancake dreams.

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      February 16, 2017 at 4:17 pm

      I got your back 😉

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    Brittany Thiessen
    February 15, 2017 at 8:49 am

    This is such a great list! I haven’t eaten at any of these places but am planning to travel to Toronto for a long weekend sometime in the summer or fall this year and will definitely be adding some of these to my list of places to eat.

    Thanks for sharing! I’m sure you enjoyed the research portion of this post (ie. eating the yummy food!).

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      February 16, 2017 at 4:18 pm

      I would definitely recommend it! 🙂

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    Tracey Pictor
    February 15, 2017 at 4:09 pm

    My must try brunch list just got a whole lot longer

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      February 16, 2017 at 4:17 pm

      I’m already planning a part 2! haha

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    Jane canapini
    February 16, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    I, too, am a brunch lover, and thanks to your research, I’ve got a new Brunch Bucket List to work through!!! Yummmmmm!

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      February 17, 2017 at 10:50 am

      And I’m already planning a part 2! So many good places in Toronto this only skims the surface.

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    Where is/are the healthy food at? 👀

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      Everyplace had healthy options! 🙂

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