Unwinding at The Sibéria Station Spa, Quebec

In this fast paced world that we live in, we often neglect time that we should dedicate to just relaxing and regrouping. Rarely do we take a step back from everything going on around us to just appreciate and celebrate the life we have been given.

Recently I had the opportunity to do just that. After a week long, whirlwind trip to Great Britain (I know this can’t really be counted as exhausting), straight back to work for a day, and back to the airport to fly out to Quebec City for the weekend—I was exhausted, jet-lagged and didn’t have much time to catch my breath. I commend all bloggers out there that can make this work full-time, but as a newbie, I haven’t quite figured out how to not wear myself thin.

Spa Winter 3
Thankfully on my jam-packed Saturday in Quebec City, I had a chance to visit the Sibéria Station Spa, located just outside of Quebec City’s city centre. We had spent a good chunk of the morning and afternoon exploring Parc National De La Jacques-Cartier and since it was a rather chilly day for September in Canada, the spa couldn’t have come at a better time.

The Sibéria Station Spa is based on the Scandinavian concept alternating between hot, cold and rest. The purpose of alternating between these three extremes is that it’s supposed to reduce stress, eliminate toxins, relax muscles, improve sleep quality and strengthen your immune system.

When you pull up to the spa it’s hard not to find your Zen—you are surrounded by a forested, peaceful area that is bordered by a river that flows through. The spa welcomes you with a water bottle and waterproof bracelet that acts as your key to your lockers in the change room. In your locker you will have a towel and robes can be rented inexpensively that you can wear around as you go in and out of the different hot, cold and rest stations.

Spa Winter 2

When packing for your day at the spa—make sure to bring flip flops and a swimsuit, because you’re going to need it as you walk around the outdoor area. If you are unsure of how the whole system works and if you should do cold or hot first, all the staff are extremely helpful and will explain the experience to you before hand (in English or French).

The stations are all located outdoors and are a mix of saunas (Finnish-style sauna, infrared sauna and eucalyptus steam bath), as well as hot and cold tubs and waterfalls, and then all complimented by several rest areas to choose from. There were hammocks outdoors, half sheltered rest areas that overlooked the river, yurts with bonfires in the middle, surrounded by cozy chairs to snuggle up in. I fell asleep in almost every rest area I was in.


Access to this area of the spa is $42 CDN for the entire day or $29 CDN for the evening and is restricted to people above the age of 18. Just like any other spa you’ll find around the world, you are able to get typical spa treatments like massages. In fact, this spa actually has so many different types of massages available that I can’t even list them all. Massage packages start at $80 CDN.

After your relaxation in the spa, there is also an indoor tearoom that you can come in and enjoy a cup of tea while overlooking and enjoying the beautiful quiet haven that you are in.

The Sibéria Station Spa can make even the most uptight, fast-paced people relax and slowdown and is the perfect getaway whether you’re alone, with a friend, or looking for a romantic place to escape to with your loved one.

Note: These are not my photos from the spa as cameras weren’t allowed in, these photos were provided from The Sibéria Station Spa. Despite what people may think, if you visit in September like I did, there won’t be snow 😉 

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