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Cuscatlan Tours – El Salvador

After my week long trip to El Salvador last week I thought I would give a quick review/some information about the tour company that I had talked about in previous posts that we did two day trips off the resort with, Cuscatlan Tours.

Cuscatlan Tours is ran out of San Salvador. Before arriving on our trip we had read excellent reviews about this tour company and despite the fact that the hotel we were staying at (The Royal Decameron) offered tours through the resort we thought we would take a different approach and I am very happy that we did. Our first day trip we did was the Volcano National Park and Coastal Highway trip, which was amazing. This was an excellent tour for those that didn’t actually want to climb a volcano (they offer this tour too) but wanted to explore/see them. There was walking/hiking involved but nothing that the average person couldn’t handle. One major benefit of these tours is they are semi-private on the volcano tour we did there was only one other Canadian couple and then the three of us. It was very nice not being on a huge tour with 50+ people, it was more personal and I’m sure we got to experience a lot more then the big tours would. Our guides name was Julio and he was very knowledgeable. He didn’t rush you in any of the stops you were in and you could ask him to make any stops (within reason) along the way!!

Our other day trip we did was also with Julio and 3 other couples. This tour was the Culture & Crafts tour with the Hot Spring and we added on the Cascades to this tour for an additional $30 (approximately). This was an amazing day. We stopped in several little villages and everything was well timed and well organized. The tour guide even knew the perfect timing to arrive at the places before the other major tours came in so we had the hot springs almost to ourselves etc. The Cascades are kind of a hike to get too. They are down a dirt hill road. On our tour we had mini taxi’s that took us down the majority of it so we only had to walk a small portion of the road but apparently on the tours offered by the resort people have to walk the entire road, which is very long and me being an in-shape, young individual I still probably would have been for lack of a better word “pissed” if I was forced to walk that entire road. Apparently the hotel also fails to tell people who sign up for the tour that this hike is involved so we were fortunate to be on a tour outside of the resort.

Overall the two tours were amazing and if we were to travel back there we would defiantly do tours with this company again. They have excellent customer service and are willing to personalize your tour so it works best for you! Also, the places they bring you for lunch are absolutely amazing, such authentic, delicious restaurants. I would defiantly recommend this company to anyone traveling to this area of El Salvador.


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