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Paddleboarding in Mexico

When traveling in Mexico in February 2014, my sister, her boyfriend, and I decided to book a paddle boarding adventure in Los Arcos in Banderas Bay, Mexico. We met up with our guide in Bucerias at a little shop ran out of their home. We then climbed into a big van with our boards on top and headed out to where we would be paddle boarding. The drive was a bit away but the views were fabulous. Once we arrived at the beach, we had thought we would take a boat out to the bay and then paddle board around there. We weren’t prepared to have to paddle board right off the beach, all the way to the bay with the beautiful caves, etc. We didn’t so much mind as we are young and athletic, but it was exhausting and hard. For an excursion that is advertised for all ages, and levels I was shocked. I wouldn’t want to be 10 years or 60 years old trying to do this! Paddleboarding Mexico

When we finally got to the bay with all the caves, we paddle boarded around there, and had the option tosnorkel. Which was pretty difficult because we needed to make sure our boards didn’t float away, etc. After this we headed back to shore. We did see lots of jelly fish, a sea turtle, stingray, and fish.

Once we arrived back to shore we were exhausted, and then got back in the van and headed up to a fish taco place on our way home which was DELICIOUS! Probably one of the highlights of the trip, and not even part of the actual excursion, but since there was only the 3 of us, plus a guide, and the guides friend, we could make the stop! Paddleboarding Mexico

Overall this was a fun adventure, just a lot harder then anticipated, and not quite exactly what we thought it was going to be from reading the website.


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