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Welcome to El Salvador

We are in El Salvador! We arrived yesterday at our hotel (The Royal Decameron) at around 3pm. We had a 6 hour flight here and then a 2 hour bus ride from the airport to the resort. It was a long trek but very well organized and I’m pretty sure we were the only flight arriving at the airport when we got in. Once we got to the resort we checked in and got to our room and our luggage was delivered to our room not to long after that. Once we got out of our plane clothes we ventured out of our room to explore the resort, which is fairly big but not TO big. There are a lot of bars, restaurants and buffets around and about 3 big pools and a nice beach! It’s a very nice resort and El Salvador in general is so pretty! It seems like a weird place to travel on a vacation but I would come back here in a heartbeat! The best part is that it’s not super touristy so you still get a sense of their culture here even by being at an all-inclusive resort! About 50% of the people staying at the resort are actually locals and Latinos on vacation so it’s nice to have that mix of cultures and people around!

Last night we made a reservation at one of the a la carte restaurants called Pastafarie, which is randomly a mix of Italian and Jamaican food, haha! Then today we woke up early, went for breakfast at one of the buffets, then went to the orientation where they told us more about the resort and what they had to offer. After that we went to the beach and stayed there the majority of the morning and walked all the way down the beach where we found lots of beach glass which was kind of cool! After while we went to eat lunch at a buffet, I got a sandwich made that had jalapenos on it, which usually I like but here they burnt my mouth off… I was dying! After lunch we settled by one of the pools for the afternoon and swam then we went to the salt water pool which is actually filled up naturally by the ocean when the tide comes up… So cool!

Anyways, tonight we are going to eat dinner at one of the a la carte restaurants that serves Mexican food then maybe catch the Spanish show they are putting on tonight afterwards. Then I’m sure it’ll be early to bed again tonight we all got a lot of sun and are already burnt, the sun and heat are so strong here! Update you soon!


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