My First Experience Glamping

Within the last few years there has been an up rise in people wanting a more glamorous version of camping. People that wanted to get in touch with nature but didn’t want to forage for food or struggle with putting up their own tent. Now I love camping. I love not showering for days, cooking over an open fire, swimming, kayaking, and just enjoy the great outdoors. However, I live in Toronto. I don’t own camping supplies. In fact, I don’t even own a car to get me to somewhere that would be acceptable to camp. So camping really hasn’t been something achievable in my life, at least right now.

But that’s just me and I totally understand that camping is not for everyone and there’s nothing wrong with wanting something a bit more glamorous. In fact, when I travel I also like to rest my head in an actual bed at the end of the day and so that’s why I was eager to try glamping. Glamping is a trend that has exploded. It offers outdoor enthusiasts with the option to experience the great outdoors without having to pitch their own tent, trek with all their gear and pee in the bush. Glamping is a wonderful fusion of glamour and camping. Two things that you wouldn’t often use in the same sentence but have made camping more accessible to those traveling internationally when they don’t have all their gear, and those just wanting a unique experience.

I personally have been swooning over the concept of glamping for awhile now so I was thrilled to find out I’d get the opportunity to glamp on my recent trip to Ireland. On our roadtrip through Ireland we had one night in a small town called Doolin and that’s where we were going to try glamping first hand. Glamping Doolin is located right in town (it’s a tiny farm town so don’t worry, you’re not on the side of a busy street) and offers a few different glamping options to its guests. Stay in a luxury (and large) tent, a yurt, tipi or even a cute retro caravan. We opted for the luxurious bell tents given that there were eight of us (four per tent). These tents are raised off the ground and have mattresses and furnishings. The bathroom was a gorgeous (and clean) shared facility. Even the older adults with us (aka our parents) who aren’t really people who love rustic accommodations enjoyed their stay here.

The tents had electricity and included a heater (either gas or electric) to heat the tent if you’re visiting when it’s cold. The beds had lots of blankets and were pretty comfortable and our tent even had some bean bag chills to relax in. The overall experience was lots of fun and made our travels more authentic and off-the-beaten-path. I would definitely go glamping again and would highly recommend for people to consider this unique accommodation while passing through Doolin.

Pricing starts at €70 on weekdays and €80 on weekends.

Other content from my travels in Ireland:

Disclaimer: This was NOT a sponsored stay. The above opinions are my own from a unique experience that I had and enjoyed! 

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