New Hotel, New Area to Explore

This morning I switched hotels. Not because my other hotel was bad but when I was booking lots of hotels had maximum night stays or were booked for that many days in a row. I wasn’t sure how I felt about switching hotels because I finally got used to the area my first hotel was in but when I arrived at my new hotel, Hotel Prinsenhof I fell in love. It is located right off a canal & my view is of the canal out my window! The room is very similar to my last room but the hotel is a little more fancier. We have a breakfast room, so breakfast is included & the staff seem super friendly. The one guy even served me fresh orange juice as he cleaned my room right away as I arrived, even though I was early & expected I’d just have to leave my bag and return later. I attached a couple pics of my room & my view.

Also, the sun was finally shining today! I woke up to a clear blue sky & it was actually warm enough for me to wear my Toms and go out with just a sweater & not 25 layers on. I was talking to the guy who works at my new hotel and he said this is the worst spring they’ve had in like 30 years. I guess Canada wasn’t the only country with a crappy spring this year.

Anyway, once I checked in to my new hotel I went to explore the new area I was now in. I walked back down to Vondel Park area, as it is a lot closer to me now & decided to catch a canal boat cruise from there. The cruise was about 1.5 hours and went all through the canals. It was pretty cool & a beautiful day to be on the water. After the cruise, I started to walk up towards Waterlooplein flee market. Which is this giant flee market that is set up daily. If you’re an antique junky or a thrift shop hunter, this is the place for you but for the most part I wondered where some of these vendors got half this stuff & kinda felt like lots was probably stolen. In fact, one of my tour guides I had over the weekend told us that if your bike gets stolen in Amsterdam the police suggest you go check this flea market first to see if you can buy it back.

After the market, I had some sort of Dutch version of a cheeseburger from a vendor on the street. It was more like a meatball sub but I’ve had worse things, plus I’ve been saving a lot of money by eating from different vendors instead of restaurants! I then stopped at a souvenir shop to buy me some clog slippers! Which are weirdly comfortable and just so awesomely touristy that I had to buy some. Then I discovered this lively square with street performers, a little park and a bunch of local artists. I ended up buying one girls painting of the canals in all bright colours.

Anyways, I’m just laying low tonight and will be out tomorrow for another adventure around Amsterdam. Not quite sure where I’ll head yet.


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