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For those of you that know me or follow me regularly, you probably know that I’m not traveling 24/7. I work a full-time job in Toronto and have limited vacation days. Yes, sometimes this is restricting and sucks but it’s life and having a career and a home base is important to me. Anyway, recently I’ve had a few obsessions that I just can’t stop talking about with my friends and family. Things that make my every day life more enjoyable and that I can’t picture my life without anymore. So naturally I thought I’d share some of these things with you guys knowing that if I like them so much, you might too! (P.S. This is not a sponsored post, these are just products and things that I genuinely really love) 

My Saje diffuser 

I recently became obsessed with Saje when I stumbled into one of their stores because it smelt so damn good. Saje is a natural wellness store in Canada and the USA. They sell amazing essential oils and products that help you with just about every ailment. For Christmas all I wanted was Saje products and since I didn’t get any I decided to spoil myself and buy my own diffuser for my apartment. You can buy diffusers in a lot of places and for a lot cheaper than Saje but I’ve just fallen in love with this brand specifically. A diffuser essentially elevates your well-being by releasing negative ions into the air that cleanse and purifies the air you’re breathing in, while also dispersing the benefits of your selected essential oils. If you’re feeling stressed, put in some lavender oil, if you have a headache, put in some peppermint oil. I love the idea of natural cures for things and my diffuser makes me happier when I’m at home.


Unfortunately Prepd is only available in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area. However, there are a million services out there that provide something similar (like Chefs Plate and Hello Fresh in Canada). Basically each week I pick three meals from six recipes and I’m delivered a box every Sunday that has the exact amount of ingredients I need to put together my selected recipes. The meals are healthy and only take a maximum of 30 minutes to cook. Since I live alone I absolutely love this! First off, I’m not wasting food by buying a large amount of ingredients for a recipe only to use a tiny bit of it. I’m also saving money on groceries because I’m no longer overbuying. Plus, Prepd has made me actually excited for dinner which can be rare when you are only cooking for one. It’s totally been a game changer for me!

Note: If you’re in Toronto and want to try Prepd, use my promo code (laure587cf1de7f48c) for $20 off your first order. 

Saje stress release

Another Saje product that I love is their stress release essential oil in the roller bottle. The packaging allows me to take this wherever I go and I love it when I’m traveling or just when I’m trying to rest my mind when I’m in bed at night. The oil combines the calming scents of lavender, roman chamomile and orange. When I’m feeling anxious or stressed, I roll a bit on my chest or even just some in my hands or on my wrists so I can be surrounded by a relaxing scent that helps calm my mind. Note that the photo above is of a different Saje roller I have but the stress release looks the exact same! 


Classpass is available in a variety of cities across Canada and the USA and makes working out fun and exciting for people like me who absolutely hate going to boring cookie cutter gyms. Basically how it works is different fitness studios (yoga, pilates, boxing, dance, boot camps, etc.) sign-up to be part of Classpass and as a member you’ll have access to a bunch of their classes for one membership price. You can either get 3, 5 or 10 class memberships for the month. I love Classpass because I hate traditional gyms and am definitely a fitness class person. I also love a change of scenery and the ability to be able to choose from such a wide selection of classes. Plus, their app makes it easy for me to search and sign-up for classes on the go and easily add classes I sign-up for into my calendar. Super convenient and motivates me to actually go work out!

Note: If you want to try Classpass out, visit the site through this link for $30 off.

Thought Catalog

I’ve been really feeling the blog Thought Catalog for awhile now but mainly because I’ve been going through a quarter life crisis. Okay, maybe not a quarter life crisis but I’ve had a few ups and downs in my life like most girls in their 20’s and find that Thought Catalog provides such relatable content that makes me feel better about just about anything. Yes they post some stupid listacle type articles about dumb things too but for the most part they have a lot of valuable, real, personal stories that I love. A couple of my favourite articles I’ve read multiple times this month are:

What are some of the products and things that you’ve been super into lately? Share them with me below!

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    Brittany Thiessen
    March 31, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    That’s awesome that you’re loving essential oils! Peppermint oil is one of my favourites and lavender is also super versatile. I just ordered a bunch of essential oils and am so excited to start my own collection. 🙂

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