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My Favourite Travel Things

Everyone has those items they absolutely could not live without. In terms of travel, I have several tangible and intangible items that make travel better, easier, more efficient and ensures I have the best time ever when I’m gallivanting around the globe. So here are some of my favourite things.


My Fuji xA2 Camera

I bought this camera about a year ago after years and years of having to borrow my Dad’s camera when I traveled. It was time for an upgrade and I am 110% in love with this mirrorless camera. The camera is compact, takes amazing photos, doesn’t require me to be a professional to use it, AND it connects through WiFi which means I can post my favourite pics from the road without a computer.

Packing List Britain 4

My Alchemist Backpack

I bought this backpack before my trip to Southeast Asia as my previous bag was just too big for me and constantly made my backache to the point that I couldn’t breathe when I carried it. This new bag is awesome. It’s not too big (40 litres), waterproof (no need for a rain cover), and it’s so light on my back, it doesn’t hurt one bit.



One of my favourite apps to keep track of the best times to buy flights. Type in the route and dates you want and select the “watch” icon to be notified as the flight price goes up and down, and when the best time is to book. I’m not big on apps, but this one makes my life so much easier. There’s nothing worse than booking a flight only to find out two days later it’s half the price.



FlightHub is one of the great websites for finding deals on flights, and I almost always book through these types of websites as oppose to directly with the airline. I recently booked my trip to India in December with a deal I found on the FlightHub website, and it was a deal I couldn’t find on any other website online!


GoPro & 3-Way Selfie Stick

I’ve been using a GoPro while traveling for a few years now. My sisters boyfriend (thanks Mark!) used to be nice enough to lend my sister and I his GoPro, but it was time I bought my own, especially for those trips I’m not traveling with my sister. I love that I can bring my GoPro in the water, use it to capture great videos, and put it on my selfie stick to capture great shots when I’m alone. The 3-way selfie stick I purchased on Amazon completes it as the most handy travel device, as this stick can be used at different lengths, as well as on a tripod that’s built into the bottom.

Cosmetic Case

My EagleCreek Cosmetic Case

I’ve had this for years and use it on every major trip I go on. The flexibility in the material allows for it to shrink when you have less things in it, and is easily squishable to fit in your bag—even when you’re short on space. It also has plenty of different sized pockets inside, and a hook to hang it up in your room or bathroom. (Note: The link above isn’t the exact case I have because mine is an older version)



I’m an organized person, so apps like TripIt I find super helpful. I can import all my activities, flights, etc. into the app easily by email, and everything is in one spot. I still like to have physical copies with me but this helps when you’re on the go and just need to look something up quick.

Trip Advisor


I know there is a lot of talk about how authentic TripAdvisor really is, but that doesn’t mean I don’t use it. I find TripAdvisor super helpful to obtain more information about places I’m staying or going, or when I’m figuring out where I should eat or stay. I don’t take all the reviews too seriously but it’s still a great information source.

Cell Phone

My iPhone

This is obviously a life necessity for most people nowadays, but I seriously don’t know what I did when I traveled before I had an iPhone. I can access everything easily via WiFi, plus FaceTime or iMessage my family and friends to keep them in the loop of where I am and how I’m doing. Also, as a blogger, I like to be able to update my social media as I go, and my iPhone makes it quick and convenient.

Packing Cubes

Packing Cubes

Packing cubes make packing way more organized, especially when you are packing in a backpack. These cubes allow you to sort your clothing into different pouches, to make it easy to find what you’re looking for, plus they save you a lot of space when packing! I use the ones I linked (and photographed above), but there are several different kinds and sizes.

What are some of your favourite travel items that you can’t leave home without? Share below!

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with FlightHub. I only recommend products and services that I enjoy using, and think other travellers would benefit from. All opinions in this piece are my own and 110% honest. 

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