Five Online Experiences to Have At-Home

Remember the days that we used to be able to fly all over the world and experience different foods, cultures, and places? Neither do I.

The pandemic has definitely put a roadblock in our international adventures for over a year now. I miss it so much. I feel like I’m wasting time sitting at home when I could be traveling to all the countless places on my bucket list. Toronto has had the longest lockdown in North America and it’s been months since I’ve even been able to have adventures in my own city or province. It sucks, but I’ve been trying to not get to down about it and find new ways to stay entertained while at home and I’ve found some great online Airbnb experiences that have helped transport me to another world. Here are some of the fun online experiences I’ve done that I recommend to those looking for some at-home adventure:

Two girls on Facetime in apron

Pasta Making with Nona

I had an ambitious goal in this lockdown to learn how to make gnocchi so I signed up for this class that was based in Italy. This class is hosted by a Nona and her granddaughter (who translates) and it was definitely authentic. As someone who grew up in an Italian family, it was very nostalgic and heartwarming to join in on this class.

We made gnocchi and pesto, but the menu rotates throughout the month. My only struggle here was that I found everyone else in the call joined with their family or significant other and it would’ve definitely been easier to do this in the short time window remotely with an extra set of hands. However, even though my gnocchi wasn’t amazing (I don’t think my consistency was right). It was still a great experience!

Online experiences through Airbnb - hummus making

Hummus Making with a Lebanese Chef

Although this chef is based in Toronto, she is still very authentic and walked us through her family recipe to make a delicious hummus. She provided us with so many great tips that you would not learn from a typical hummus recipe online. My hummus turned out amazing and it was a quick, fun way to spend a lunch hour. This was a great, inexpensive experience that included ingredients and tools that were easy to find (even in lockdown).

Online Experiences through Airbnb - Drag Queens on Computer Screen

Sangria and Drag Queens in Portugal

This was one of the most fun online experiences and we did it as a private event for our work holiday party. In this interactive show you’ll make a delicious sangria and watch a drag performance. The sangria was absolutely amazing and it’s a recipe I’ve made multiple times since. The performers were so awesome and involved the online audience in their show as much as they could to make it more fun! Such a great online experience if you are looking for a virtual bachelorette or girls night activity.

Online experiences through Airbnb - girls cheersing on zoom

Mexican Fiesta Essentials

This was a great little fiesta to have on a Friday night. In this class, a chef from Mexico City will take you through the essentials. You’ll make margaritas, guacamole, and quesadillas. I’ve made all the recipes again since I did this class only a few weeks ago. The chef was so informative, had some fantastic tips, and did a great job of educating us on her culture. I seriously felt like I was transported to Mexico (without the beach and warmth).

Spanish Tapas in Barcelona

The most recent online experience I had was making Spanish tapas with a chef based in Barcelona. Tapas are the Spanish equivalent to appetizers and they’re seriously one of the best parts about the Spain bar scene. In this class we made pan con tomate (an easy garlicy, tomato bread), traditional sangria, and patatas bravas (fried potatoes with delicious sauces). The class was definitely more heavy lifting than some of the other ones I’ve done but well worth it as the rewards in the end were delicious!

What have been some of your favourite online experiences you’ve found in the last year? Share them in the comments. Always looking for new ways to entertain myself at home!

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