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My Favourite Travel Sites (and app)

I use quite a few different travel websites on a regular basis when planning trips and doing research. These websites really do come in handy when you’re traveling a trip just about anywhere.

Hostel World 

This website is better then any other hostel booking site I’ve been on. They have a great selection of hostels everywhere and many reviews from fellow travellers to make your decision much easier.

Trip Advisor

This website is probably everyones favourite, and if it’s not, then it should be. This website holds reviews on just about everything, plus forums that help make planning your trip and deciding where to stay, and what to do, so much easier!


Although the prices of these tours are most of the time a lot more expensive then other websites, or booking in the place you’re visiting, they help give you an idea of activities and tours that exist out there. I have gone on quite a few of these tours, because even though some are overpriced, many aren’t!


This website is really helpful when trying to book a flight of any sort. It allows for you to easily keep track of flight prices across many airlines all in one place. You can also set email alerts to alert you when flights for your destination go up, or down.


This isn’t a website but an app, and an amazing app at that! This app allows you to forward all your confirmation emails, flights, etc. to the TripIt email address provided and everything will load into the app. This lets you keep everything in one place and easily pull information you may need along your trip (as oppose to digging through emails).

Cover photo by: Rahul Chakraborty on Unsplash 

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