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Top Tips on Balancing a Job & Travel

Many people have this preconceived notion that traveling with a full-time job is impossible. They believe that you either have to work at building your career and wait until you retire to travel, or that you have to quit your job completely in order to see the world. This simply is not true.

Traveling is attainable for almost anyone if you want it to be, and not only am I living proof of this but so are several other avid travelers out there. You don’t know how many people I run into who think I’m out gallivanting the globe full-time, when in reality, I have a full-time career and travel when I can. It’s not just me juggling both, I asked some other travel bloggers who balance both a career and part-time travel to see what their biggest tips were on how to make it work. See what they had to say…


“Talk up your travel experiences. Traveling makes us better communicators, collaborators and negotiators, and teaches us so much about compassion and resilience. Even if you’re traveling for fun, you’re learning skills that are valuable to employers. Think through how you can package and promote your travel experiences through your resume, portfolio and LinkedIn to demonstrate how travel has enhanced your professional development.”

– Brianne Miers, A Traveling Life


“Juggling a full-time job together with a passion for traveling can be truly challenging. My top tip is to be intentional with your time! We have a magnetic calendar on our fridge and we section out regular travel trips on our calendar. For my husband and I, pre-planning is completely essential to the juggling process. Of course a boss that understands your travel passion and that is happy to give you plenty of time off work is really helpful too.”

– Jolene Ejmont, Wanderlust Storytellers


“It’s all about making travel a priority in my life. I have a stable, full-time job where I’m technically a freelance employee. I can work as much as I want when I’m at home, and I’m also able to book off as much time as I need to travel. As I love travel so much, I’m continually working and saving towards my next trip!”

– Lauren Yakiwchuk, Justin Plus Lauren

Part-Time Travel

“Understand you don’t have to travel far to travel. I just took a one day trip to a little town an hour away and we had a blast. Traveling doesn’t have to mean you go to another country or another state, for that matter. Traveling can be exploring your own city or cities close to you.”

– Jessica Thompson, A Southern Traveler


“Become an expat. I did it myself, got to live in two different continents and managed to travel to neighboring countries during weekends, holidays and vacation days.”

– Ruby Escalona, A Journey We Love

Part-Time Travel

“Carefully plan your vacation days around public holidays and weekends to allow yourself to use fewer vacation days and get more time off. Only 5 days of vacation can turn into a 9 day vacation if you use the weekends around your work week. Similarly, only two days off can turn into a 5 day vacation.”

-Karen Alexis, Wanderlustingk


“Don’t be afraid to travel on a dense schedule. I’ve never regretted tackling too much on a trip, and have only regretted the things I’ve missed out on. Slow travel is a popular attitude these days but the truth is that the world has so much to offer that it’s worth your while to see as much of it as you can. On my vacations I often find myself waking up early and staying out all day tackling hikes, adventurous activities and local culture. Although my trips might not be the most restful, my memories of all that I’ve seen are my most cherished possession.”

– Tim Van De Linden, Annual Adventure

For more inspiration on how to juggle a career and travel, check out my part-time travel interview series here.

Cover photo credit: Mel Hattie

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