A Weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada

Las Vegas is a city known for bachelor/bachelorette parties, where people go to celebrate turning the legal drinking age, where you go to let go, party and reenact the movie The Hangover. However, what people fail to know about Vegas is that it actually has a lot to do which doesn’t all require you to be drunk. Shocker right?

Awhile back my family went on a trip to Las Vegas. Yes, a family vacation to Vegas. Although we did drink our faces off some days, we also saw a lot of the city. From spending almost a week there, I came up with an itinerary for those shorter on time and are only spending a couple of days or a weekend in the city.

Day One: 

Kick off your day with exploring the main strip. No matter what hotel you choose to stay in, you’ll want to explore some of the other hotels too. Vegas is known to have over the top accommodations, each one with its own unique theme. Take a gondola ride at the Venetian, pretend your at the Big Apple at the New York New York hotel, or in Egypt at the Luxor. If you’re into gambling, check out some of the casinos which definitely aren’t hard to come by.

Next head on down to Fremont Street, this is considered the “old” Vegas which was often featured in television shows and movie scenes. Check out the retro and fun neon signs, the older hotels and casinos that’ll throw you back to the 70s and even take a zipline ride overtop the street. If you’re looking for a goofy lunch experience, check out the Heart Attack Grill (warning: not for those on a diet).

About a 16 minute walk from Fremont Street, you’ll come across the famous pawnshop from the television show, Pawn Stars.

Next pop by the Bellagio to check out their fountain and light show which happens every half hour from 3pm-8pm and every 15 minutes from 8pm-midnight. Saturdays and holidays the show runs every half hour from noon to 8pm and every 15 minutes from 8pm-midnight.

For dinner, head to the New York New York hotel to Gallagher’s Steakhouse. This dinner may break the budget but you’ll have the most unreal steak dinner ever so it may be worth it. Warning: the portion sizes can be a bit extreme, so you can always split dishes with your friends!

Lastly, a night in Vegas isn’t complete without seeing one of their many shows. I highly recommend attending at least one Cirque du Soleil show (“O” is absolutely incredible, but the Michael Jackson show, “One” is also a unique Cirque experience). However, if you aren’t into that, there is likely a show that suits your needs and interests whether you’re into strippers, music or broadway, Vegas really does have it all.

Day Two: 

Kicking off day two I recommend getting off the strip to do something a little unique and adventurous. One option that I recommend is taking a trip to the Grand Canyon located only about 2.5 hours from Vegas. There are different tours you can do. We took a tour by air, but there are other options that you can find on websites like Viator.

Another thing you can try if you’re feeling very adventurous is skydiving! What better way to really let go in Vegas than to jump out of a plane? I did skydiving here with Vegas Extreme Skydiving and it was an awesome (and scary) experience.

After your adventurous day, for dinner head to Dick’s for a unique and hilarious dining experience at the Excalibur hotel. What makes this such a unique experience is the waiters actually treat you like crap (yes you heard me correctly). The object of this restaurant is the waiters aren’t nice to you. They’ll make you wear ridiculous hats with mean things written on them, and forget their manners completely. Sounds bizarre but if you have a sense of humour, this can be a fun spot for dinner.

Next head to another show. For those ladies looking to get a little bit wild, I recommend Thunder Down Under at the Excalibur hotel. Two words: male strippers. However, if you don’t want to see greasy men do choreographed dancing and rip off their clothes, don’t worry, there’s a huge list of shows to go to. Check them out here.

There is LOTS to do in Vegas and this is just a small glimpse at it. I took my favourite experiences and put them into an itinerary for you in hopes that I’ll make your trip planning a little easier, and give you ideas outside of just clubbing while visiting. Do you have any recommendations on what you NEED to do in Vegas? Comment below!

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