19 Hours Later, We’re in Bangkok

After 19 hours of air travel to get ourselves to Thailand. We are finally here. We had one 16 hour flight from Toronto to Hong Kong and a short 2.5 hour flight into Thailand from there. Thankfully the Hong Kong airport was surprisingly easy to get through. We finally arrived in Thailand and to our surprise the Thailand International Airport had a great system for their taxis which made it easy to get a cab.

We finally got to our hostel around 8ish (Thai time) and basically were running to the showers and a bed to sleep in. Our hostel is called Lub.d Siam Square, and it is located pretty central to everything. We won this hostel stay in a contest and it’ll probably be the nicest hostel we are in our whole trip. Complete with a private room, free breakfast, and our own bathroom.

Wat Pho, Bangkok

Wat Pho

This morning we got up around 8:30am and headed down for our free breakfast. We mapped out our general route we wanted to take to see some of the tourist sites. We first got in a cab to go to the train station to purchase our train ticket for our train tomorrow night to Chiang Mai. This is where we experienced our first cab scam of the trip. Our cabby brought us to a tourist centre, which we thought would be fine until they tried to tell us that the only way we could get a train ticket is if we booked accommodations through them as well. They tried to tell us the train was sold out. Assuming this was not true, we found our way to the train station ourselves and sure enough got our tickets.

Reclining Buddha

Reclining Buddha

After the train station adventure, we headed towards China Town to visit the Golden Buddha. We then continued on to Wat Pho, and the Grand Palace. Wat Pho was amazing, it still blows my mind how people build these things now, let alone so many years ago. At Wat Pho is where we saw the reclining Buddha, which was so large it was next to impossible to get a photo with. We then tried to go to the Grand Palace but weren’t allowed in because we were wearing shorts and tank tops. The Grand Palace was the only place this was a problem. Everywhere else they had clothes to rent, or a robe they provided you with. We weren’t too disappointed because its SO hot here, and we were basically dying (especially me). It’s going to take awhile to adjust to this heat.

Wat Pho Selfie

Wat Pho Selfie

After the temples, we headed over to the tourist strip, Khao San Road. Which was lined with stalls selling all sorts of things. We picked up some elephant pants, and they came to only $3 US. It’s crazy how little things cost around here. Even the few times we’ve gotten in cabs and they refuse to turn on their meter and rather give us a flat rate (which is said to be WAY more than metered price) our cabs still only cost like $6 US. It’s really hard to argue with anyone when it is that cheap.

We are now chilling out at our hostel and will be off to explore a bit tonight. Potentially going to the world’s tallest hotel to check out the view of Bangkok from up high.

Adios for now!


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