Krabi Town, Koh Phi Phi & Ao Nang Hostel Reviews

My sister and I spent from December 17 to 24 in the Thai islands, traveling to the province of Krabi, and visiting Krabi Town, Ao Nang, and Koh Phi Phi along the way. Here are the reviews from our accommodations and experiences at our hostels that will hopefully help give you some insight on accommodations in the mentioned areas.

Pak-Up Hostel – Krabi Town

Pak-up Hostel


The location of this hostel was perfect for what we were staying there for. There isn’t too much to do in Krabi Town and really we were just there for the night before we caught the ferry the next morning to Koh Phi Phi. We took the shuttle bus from the airport that dropped us right off downtown, and then we walked up to the hostel which wasn’t far. The hostel was also located to several restaurants, 7-11’s and anything else you would need.


We stayed in an 8-bed co-ed dorm while at Pak-Up Hostel. We had originally booked a smaller dorm in a female-only room, but there was a mix-up when we checked in and for some reason that room was no longer available. At this point we didn’t really care since we were only there for one night and they ended up giving us a discount to make up for it.

Our room was clean, and the bunks were comfy enough. We had bed linens while there and each bed had their own light and a locker that locked up under your bed. These lockers probably wouldn’t fit anything other than backpacks or small suitcases. Locks were not included. For the most part we didn’t have issues with noise but our room was on the third floor, and the rooftop bar was right above us. This wouldn’t have mattered except for the fact they had a giant jenga tournament and every time the game crashed to the ground it would wake us up abruptly.

Hostel Staff, Common Areas, Information, etc.

The staff at this hostel were friendly. We weren’t really there for long so we didn’t need much help and we were able to book our ferry ticket right through the front desk. They also gave us coupons for a free drink at the rooftop bar.

The reception and common area of the hostel were nice, and included computers, couches and bean bag chairs! It was a relaxing place to just layback outside of your room. On top of this they had a rooftop bar in the evenings which was fairly big and it seemed they had different activities and events they hosted there on a regular basis.

Overall the hostel was great, clean, and modern. I would definitely stay here again if I find myself back in Krabi.

Phi Phi Dream – Koh Phi Phi

Phi Phi Dream


The location of this hostel was great. Since Koh Phi Phi is a big party island, we were happy our hostel was not on the beach where all the bars and clubs reside. If you are looking for a 24/7 party with no sleep, book your hostel down there. Our hostel was about a 7 minute walk from the pier which wasn’t too bad since we had backpacks. Make note that there is no vehicles in Koh Phi Phi and the roads are uneven, so if you have a rolly suitcase you may find yourself carrying it. The hostel was close to everything as Koh Phi Phi is not too big, and it was right across the road from the walkway to the viewpoint.


Phi Phi Dream

The rooms here were much more like a hotel then a hostel. We had a private room and this was the most expensive place we stayed our whole trip. It was still pretty cheap but more than most places in Thailand, but we were told that we would pay more prior to our arrival. Our room had 2 single beds, and our own bathroom. It was clean, and had a safety deposit box and TV. The bathroom was clean but the pipes/sewage often smelled. It didn’t travel into the room but it really bothered me towards the end of our stay (although my sister didn’t even notice it). We stayed here twice and the second time our room was facing the street which was a bit louder but nothing in comparison to other areas of Koh Phi Phi.

Hostel Staff, Common Areas, Information, etc.

Phi Phi Dream

The staff at this hostel were friendly and helpful, the hostel is also associated with the tour company below so you can easily book tours through them for the same price as everywhere else on the island. The staff was also helpful with recommendations and they gave us a map but you’ll learn quickly you don’t really need one here because it’s so small.

The common areas of this hostel were slim. There were a few tables in the reception but for the most part they don’t really encourage hanging out and making noise. In fact there are signs everywhere saying to make no noise, play no music, and don’t bring alcohol/drugs into the hostel. I was more than okay with these rules after seeing some of the hostels that line the beach.

Overall I’d recommend this hostel to anyone who wants to get some sleep away from the party area and looking for budget accommodations.

Havet House – Ao Nang



As far as location goes, this hostel was a bit out of the way from the pier. It didn’t matter too much because there’s a free shuttle from the pier, but it did suck for anytime we wanted to just run out for food. There were some restaurants in the area but the main strip is about a 15 minute walk away, which still isn’t bad but it would’ve been nice to be a bit more central.


Havet House

Our room at Havet House was by no means terrible, but also wasn’t our best we had on the trip. We had a 4-bed mixed dorm with no air conditioner and it was on the top floor. The beds were not the comfiest, but we did have linens and blankets, towels were also included and there was a patio! There were lockers in the room but they were about the size of a safety deposit box so no room to lock up your bags.

The bathroom was probably the worst part about this hostel. Although it was clean, there was only one toilet, and one shower to share between all the ladies in the 4-bed dorms, the 8-bed female dorm, and any ladies in the 8-bed mixed dorm. Therefore there definitely was a bathroom and shower shortage.

Hostel Staff, Common Areas, Information, etc.

The staff here were pretty useless. They did provide us with a map but the man that was working, although friendly, couldn’t really speak English. Luckily Ao Nang has so many tourist offices that you don’t need to go far for info. The common area was pretty spacious and nice, as there were several tables and a front patio you could sit on. There was apparently a restaurant and bar but I never saw anyone order there or any workers that may run these things, so I’m not sure how functional it was.

Overall the hostel was average. I definitely would try and find better accommodations in Ao Nang, but if I had to I wouldn’t be overly disappointed staying here again.

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