Thai Islands, We’re Here

We are officially back in Thailand. Last night after flying to Bangkok, then having a 3 hour layover intheir airport, we flew to Krabi and spent the night there.

Our hostel was called Pak-Up Hostel and was probably the only hostel mentioned in the Lonely Planet book that was in our budget range on this trip. It was a really cool hostel, super modern, and had a rooftop bar. We were in an 8 bed dorm room, which was okay but kind of hard to get used to after being in our own room for the majority of this trip. There was also a giant jenga tournament happening upstairs and every time the blocks fell over it would make the loudest noise and wake me up, but things could always be worse in a hostel! Our rooms were clean, bathrooms were clean, and we had comfy beds, so really, what more could you need?

Pak-up Hostel

This morning we got up early to be picked up by a shuttle bus at 8am from our hostel in Krabi to go to the pier where we got on a ferry to Koh Phi Phi. It took about 1.5 hours and our tickets were 300 baht each, although they are usually 330 baht but our hostel gave us a deal. Once we arrived in Koh Phi Phi we got off the ferry and had to find our hostel. The difference between Koh Phi Phi and everywhere else, is there are no roads on this island, therefore we had to walk with all our bags while searching for our hostel.

Ferry to Koh Phi Phi

Our hostel is Phi Phi Dream and we have our own room again. It’s really nice, clean, and the staff are friendly. It also is in the perfect location because it is walking distance to everything but is not right along the party strip by the beach area, which after visiting tonight, you can tell NO ONE gets any sleep there.

Once we got checked in we headed for some lunch (Pad Thai) and then went to the beach. It was pretty cloudy out but still warm and humid. After the beach, we walked around the island a bit and then cleaned ourselves out to head out for some drinks at a random pirate themed bar, and then dinner at a very americanized restaurant but this island is filled with pizza which got us craving it too! It’s crazy because you literally see zero locals here other than those that work for the companies and shops, and even then, many of the tour shops have foreigners working for them.

After dinner we headed back down to the beach, aka the party area, to see what was happening. There was multiple fire shows going on at 9pm and all the bars were competing with one another clearly by trying to play their music louder, etc. We walked the beach a few times and settled for a very chill bar where we could sit in loungers, enjoy a bucket, and people watch. This is most definitely the island people come to party, and although we aren’t those people, it sure is entertaining to watch.

We’re now back to our hostel, and heading to bed. Tomorrow we head out on a full day boat cruise throughout the different islands and beaches that we booked through our hostel.


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