What’s In My Bag? India & Nepal Edition

I actually struggled hard packing for this trip because the climates between India and Nepal will be different, I have an overnight layover in London, England on my way home, and I want to make sure I’m dressed modestly and appropriately in these more sensitive cultures. So after contemplating what made the most sense, I think I came up with a good list (hopefully) for about 20 days in India and Nepal. Here’s what’s in my bag:

Packing List Britain 4

The Bags:

–Β My Eddie Bauer First Ascent backpack
– MEC small back pack for my carry-on


– Grey & black t-shirts
– Pink fitness t-shirt
– White & black tank tops
– Kimono (to cover my shoulders when need-be)
– White short sleeve blouse
– Long sleeve, flowy white top
– Long sleeve black shirt


– 2 pairs of lightweight, loose capri pants
– Lightweight grey Lululemon pants
– Black yoga pants
– Maxi skirt
– 1 pair of jeans


– Columbia fleece sweater
– Gloves
– Black Lululemon zip-up sweater
– Grey long sleeve wool (it’sΒ merino wool so it’s thin but warm)
– Black scarf (also used to cover my shoulders)



– 15 pairs of underwear
– 10 pairs of socks
– Fast-absorbing towel
– 2 bras (beige and black)
– 1 sports bra
– Pyjamas
– Black TOMs shoes
CMUK running shoes with orthotics
– Flip flops (For showers in hostels or hotels)



– Brush & comb
– Toothbrush & toothpaste
– Shampoo & conditioner
– Advil
– Gravol (regular & ginger)
– Antibiotics (Just incase)
– Electrolytes
– Immodium
– Face cream & wash
– Moisturizer
– Sanitizer (Lots and lots of sanitizer)
– Kleenex (Mainly used as toilet paper)
– Glasses, contacts & contact lens solution
– Deodorant
– Probiotics
– Magic green pearls (I bought these on Amazon as per Jodi of Legal Nomads recommendation)

Packing India


– Novel
– Journal & pens
– Passport, extra passport photos for Nepalese Visa & money (Indian rupees and American)
– Phone charger & phone
– Camera (Fuji xA2) & charger
– Selfie stick & GoPro attachment (My sister has the GoPro)
– Neck pillow, eye mask & ear plugs
– Convertors (For Asia and the UK)
– Money belt
– Purse
Lonely Planet India Book
– Small cosmetic case with things to freshen up with on the plane

Other packing tips:

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    November 30, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Thanks for sharing your list! Will be curious to know how it works out. Looks to me like you thought of everything but I’ve never been to India or Nepal. πŸ™‚

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