What’s In My Bag? India & Nepal Edition

I actually struggled hard packing for this trip because the climates between India and Nepal will be different, I have an overnight layover in London, England on my way home, and I want to make sure I’m dressed modestly and appropriately in these more sensitive cultures. So after contemplating what made the most sense, I think I came up with a good list (hopefully) for about 20 days in India and Nepal. Here’s what’s in my bag:

Packing List Britain 4

The Bags:

– My Eddie Bauer First Ascent backpack
– MEC small back pack for my carry-on


– Grey & black t-shirts
– Pink fitness t-shirt
– White & black tank tops
– Kimono (to cover my shoulders when need-be)
– White short sleeve blouse
– Long sleeve, flowy white top
– Long sleeve black shirt


– 2 pairs of lightweight, loose capri pants
– Lightweight grey Lululemon pants
– Black yoga pants
– Maxi skirt
– 1 pair of jeans


– Columbia fleece sweater
– Gloves
– Black Lululemon zip-up sweater
– Grey long sleeve wool (it’s merino wool so it’s thin but warm)
– Black scarf (also used to cover my shoulders)



– 15 pairs of underwear
– 10 pairs of socks
– Fast-absorbing towel
– 2 bras (beige and black)
– 1 sports bra
– Pyjamas
– Black TOMs shoes
CMUK running shoes with orthotics
– Flip flops (For showers in hostels or hotels)



– Brush & comb
– Toothbrush & toothpaste
– Shampoo & conditioner
– Advil
– Gravol (regular & ginger)
– Antibiotics (Just incase)
– Electrolytes
– Immodium
– Face cream & wash
– Moisturizer
– Sanitizer (Lots and lots of sanitizer)
– Kleenex (Mainly used as toilet paper)
– Glasses, contacts & contact lens solution
– Deodorant
– Probiotics
– Magic green pearls (I bought these on Amazon as per Jodi of Legal Nomads recommendation)

Packing India


– Novel
– Journal & pens
– Passport, extra passport photos for Nepalese Visa & money (Indian rupees and American)
– Phone charger & phone
– Camera (Fuji xA2) & charger
– Selfie stick & GoPro attachment (My sister has the GoPro)
– Neck pillow, eye mask & ear plugs
– Convertors (For Asia and the UK)
– Money belt
– Purse
Lonely Planet India Book
– Small cosmetic case with things to freshen up with on the plane

Other packing tips:

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    November 30, 2015 at 2:54 pm

    Thanks for sharing your list! Will be curious to know how it works out. Looks to me like you thought of everything but I’ve never been to India or Nepal. 🙂

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