What’s In My Bag? Southeast Asia Edition

I’m heading off to backpack in Southeast Asia for a month. Over the years I’ve learned a lot of good and bad lessons about packing, in the end the most important lesson I’ve learned is to stop myself to ask, “Do I really need this?” Here is a list of what I’m taking to Asia with me.

– 2 nicer shirts (not dressy but nicer then fitness tops)
– 4 quick absorbing fitness tank tops
– 1 quick absorbing t-shirt
– 1 regular tank top

– 1 pair of jean shorts
– 3 pairs of fitness shorts
– 1 pair of genie pants (to pull over shorts at temples)

– flip flops
– running shoes

– 7 pairs of socks
– 12 pairs of underwear
– 2 sports bras, 1 regular bra

Other Clothing 
– 2 bathing suits
– 1 romper/beach coverup
– One tube bandana (for my head – easier to pack then a hat)
– 1 PJ tank top & 1 PJ shorts


– Journal & pens
– Travel documents
– Purse/wallet
– Mini cosmetic case for plane (contacts, solution, toothpaste, toothbrush, meds, etc.)
– iPad
– iPod & headphones
– Novel (I feel like I’ll read the whole thing on the plane ride, good thing for book exchanges in hostels!)
– Earplugs, eye mask & neck pillow (hey, it’s a long flight)

– Quick absorbing towel (most hostels don’t supply towels)
– Cosmetic case (filled with the regular things & lots of meds just incase)


P.S. Don’t forget your passport and extra passport photos for tourist visas upon entering countries. If you want to go to Vietnam you’ll need to apply for your visa before you go!

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