The Barbie Expo in Montreal, Quebec


Every little girl grows up playing with Barbie dolls. The iconic doll has been around since 1959 and over the 57 years we have seen so many variations of Barbie, from holiday dolls, to career focused ones, Barbie has influenced most girls lives at some point. So when I heard there was a Barbie Expo in Montreal, Quebec, which held over 1,000 unique and one-of-a-kind dolls, I knew I had to go.


The Barbie Expo is located in the heart of downtown Montreal at Les Cours Mont-Royal. It is a little difficult to find as it’s located in a shopping mall, however, once you find it, it’s like a step back into your childhood. The expo was set up to raise funds for the Make a Wish Foundation, however, the expo is free to enter and you can donate only if you wish.

The dolls on display are dressed by renowned designers such as Vera Wang, Christian Louboutin and Ralph Lauren. Their outfits range from couture designs to ethnic and cultural outfits, and there are some displays set up to build out different intricate scenes like a fashion runway and the Grease movie scene photographed below.

This expo is actually the largest permanent collection of Barbie dolls in the world, and that’s the best part, it’s permanent, so you don’t have to worry about it disappearing soon! Whether you are an avid Barbie collector, a kid, or just someone looking for a nostalgic activity to do in Montreal, the Barbie Expo is a definitely worth a visit.

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