East End Toronto Brewery Tour

Toronto is full of breweries, like seriously, you could visit a new one every day for over a month. This summer I really wanted to make more of an effort to visit breweries in my own city. I love craft beer, trying unique brews, supporting local business, and it always makes for a fun day to do a brewery crawl.

I’ve already posted my recommended brewery routes for the West End of the city that you can check out here, but I also recently did an East End brewery tour to share for those wanting to explore a different side of town. This route can be done in whatever order you desire, I started at the furthest stop from my house and worked my way back!


This super cute brewery with an Asian inspired atmosphere, and menu, is complete with a great patio in the summer. It is pretty big too so you don’t have to worry about getting a seat! I tried their Yuzu beer which was a Japanese fruit saison that went down a little too quick ;)!

Monday-Thursday 4pm-11pm
Friday 3pm-2am
Saturday 12pm-2am
Sunday 12pm-11pm

Left Field Brewery

This baseball themed brewery was born in 2013 and you can find it around Toronto. Their brewery has a super casual vibe, and hosts tons of events during the week and on the weekend. Their beer menu has a wide range of different types of beer, I tried some of their tasty sours!

Monday-Sunday 11am-9pm

Rorschach Brewing Co.

This super cute brewery in an old historical looking building seems small with their front patio, and narrow entrance, but when you go upstairs, a beautiful outdoor patio is revealed. The perfect spot to spend your summer!

Tuesday-Wednesday 5pm-11pm
Thursday 12pm-11pm
Friday-Saturday 12pm-12am
Sunday 12pm-9pm

Black Lab Brewery

Obsessed with this doggo-friendly brewery with amazing beers on tap. Founded just last year, this brewery is repped by their black lab mascot, Snoopy. If you’re lucky when you visit, you may get to meet him!

Wednesday-Monday 11am-9pm

Radical Road

This cozy microbrewery in Leslieville is small, intimate, and super cute with funky tasting beers. They also had some tasty food on their menu, and were super friendly. Definitely a great place for Sunday afternoon beverage or even a great date spot!

Monday 6pm-11pm
Tuesday-Thursday 4pm-12am
Friday 3pm-1am
Saturday 12pm-1am
Sunday 12pm-11pm

Eastbound Brewery

I haven’t actually visited this brewery yet, but I didn’t want to put together this tour list without mentioning it. Eastbound Brewery is a cute little spot on Queen St that serves not only beer but food too. Definitely adding it to my list of spots to try in the next few months!

Monday 1pm-9pm
Tuesday-Sunday 11am-11pm

What’s your favourite brewery in Toronto? Share below in the comments so I can add it to my list!

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