Guide to Trinity & Bonavista Peninsula, Newfoundland

Newfoundland has to be one of the most underrated provinces to visit in Canada. Seriously, I expected it to be beautiful but didn’t expect it to be as incredible as it was. Back in September, I did an eight-day road trip around Newfoundland and I was blown away by the friendly people, the amazing scenery, and the endless things to do.

In all the research I did, everyone recommended Trinity as a must-do stop. The best part was, from Trinity, you could explore so many other areas and adorable towns. It served as a fantastic base for the Bonavista Peninsula and despite only being there for a few days, we covered a lot of ground. Here is my guide to help you plan your time in the area.

View on the Skerwink Trail

How to get there

The easiest way to get around Newfoundland is to rent a car. The towns you’ll visit in Newfoundland outside of the capital, St. John’s, are very small and aren’t well connected with things like public transportation. A car is a necessity for you to get the most out of your time in the area. If you are traveling during high season (July & August) you’ll want to make sure to book a rental car far in advance as this is a busy time of year. The drive from St. John’s is just shy of three hours.

View from our Airbnb in Port Rexton

Where to stay

Newfoundland is filled with adorable bed and breakfasts and inns to stay in and there is no shortage in Trinity and the surrounding area. You won’t find any chain hotels here really but I think that’s what makes it so charming. Here are some shops to check out in Trinity:

Airbnb’s are popular in the region as well, and we stayed exclusively in Airbnb’s for our entire eight days in Newfoundland. When visiting the Trinity area, we opted to stay out of Trinity, a short distance to Port Rexton because we had easy access to a car, and we found this adorable Airbnb that I couldn’t say no to. I mean, the view alone was incredible.

View of Trinity from Gun Hill Trail

What to do

There is SO much to do in this region, and you could spend an entire week here if you want to explore every corner. However, we only had about two full days here and we still were able to cover a lot of ground. Here are some ideas to fill your itinerary broken down by the different key towns in the area:


Trinity is a magical, quiet little town that is incredibly scenic and peaceful. Some of the things you can do in Trinity are:

  • Hike Gun Hill Trail: An easy 3.1km loop that starts right in town and brings you through some of the diverse landscape. You even at one point walk through an old graveyard. This hike is worth the landscape views of the colourful buildings that dot the shore.
  • Historic Walking Tour: Learn about the historic town on a 2.5-hour walking tour that happens every Monday-Saturday for only $15CAD from July to October
  • Rising Tide Theatre: Every summer you’ll find some amazing shows at the Rising Tide Theatre. You’ll find something playing almost every evening
  • Shop: There are some adorable small shops in Trinity to do some souvenir shopping. Check out Elizabeth Burry Studios, and Aunt Sarah’s Chocolate Shop (yum!)
  • Look for Icebergs: If you are visiting the area during iceberg season (usually in May) then Trinity can be a fantastic place to see them. You’ll also find tour companies like Trinity Eco-Tours running iceberg tours to get up close, including kayaking tours
Skerwink Trail

Port Rexton

Located only a 10-minute drive from Trinity, Port Rexton can also be a great area to base yourself in. Here are some of the things to do:

  • Port Rexton Brewing: Grab a locally crafted beer at Port Rexton Brewing. They have a great patio, and the inside has such a vibe that you’ll want to hang out there with the locals all-day
  • Hike the Sherwink Trail: If you are going to hike one trail in the area, this is it. The Sherwink Trail is one of the most scenic trails in Eastern Canada. It’s a moderate 4.7km hike (mostly easy parts, but some more challenging), and the views along the way make it incredibly worth it
  • Hike the Fox Island Trail: You’ll want to hike the Sherwink Trail over this one, but if you have the time, do both. The Fox Island Trail is another incredible trail that is a 7.1km loop with fantastic views along the way
  • Boat Tour: A great way to see both Port Rexton and Trinity is by water, and during certain times of the year this can be a great way to see all the wildlife that the area has to offer including puffins, whales, and eagles. Some operators in the area are Rugged Beauty Boat Tours, Sea of Whales Adventures, and Trinity Eco Tours


The next area you may want to explore is Bonavista. Bonavista is about a 45-minute drive from Trinity so it’s a great half-day or day trip to take to see more of the region. Here are some of the things you can do:

  • Cape Bonavista Lighthouse: A historical lighthouse that is located close to the provincial park. Go in and explore the lighthouse, and opt for the 3.5km trail that follows the coast
  • Dungeon Provincial Park: One of the top attractions in the area where you can see beautiful scenery and unique sea caves where the ocean rushes through
  • Sweet Rock Ice Cream: Homemade local ice cream that is so damn delicious. Worth a stop on a hot summer day and they also have another location in Trinity if you don’t make it to Bonavista
  • Iceberg Viewing: A fantastic place to catch some icebergs during iceberg season (May/spring)
  • Eat: There are some great places to eat in Bonavista including Boreal Diner, Mifflin’s Tea Room for desserts, and Bonavista Social Club for dinner
  • Whale Watching: Another excellent place to whale watch in the area during whale season (May to August). Check out Bonavista Puffin & Whale Tours to book a boat tour


Elliston is famous as the puffin hangout spot, and you can easily add a stop in Elliston on your way to or from Bonavista. The main things to do here are:

  • Puffin Viewing Site: Observe the gorgeous puffins at this popular hang-out spot. Puffins are the most active from May to September during mating season. We were there on a cold, windy day at the end of September and unfortunately missed them
  • Root Cellars: Did you know that Elliston is the Root Cellar Capital of the World? You’ll see them dotting the road as you drive on your way to the Puffin Viewing Site and there are plenty that you can go into. Root cellars are traditional food storage systems and they’re pretty neat to see
Cape Bonavista Lighthouse

How to spend two days in Trinity and the area

Now that you know all the things to do in the area, you’re probably wondering how you fit it all into a short period. Here is how I would spend two days:

Day One: Trinity & Port Rexton
You can easily knock off a good chunk of things in both these areas in one day. I would start your day early by hiking the Sherwink Trail, and from there, check off the other things to do in each of these areas. Of course, if you opt for a boat tour or walking tour, that will take up a good chunk of your day so pick and choose what’s most important to you.

Day Two: Bonavista & Elliston
Head to Bonavista early on day two. Once you arrive you can easily knock off almost everything I’ve listed above in a day. The only thing you’ll have to take into account is any boat tours you choose to do as that can occupy a good portion of your day. When we visited it wasn’t whale or iceberg season, so we were able to fit a lot in just over half a day.

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