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It’s been awhile since I’ve written a post about the city that I call home, Toronto! With all the restrictions finally being lifted over the last few months, the city is back to itself and it’s been so great partaking in all my favourite things again. I wanted to write this post to recap some of my fav places around my neighbourhood (Queen West) that are some of my go-to’s.

As always, there’s a million amazing restaurants, things to do, business, etc. in this city, but these specifically are the ones I frequent the most.

Coffee Shops

Here are some of my regularly frequented coffee shops (aside from Starbucks):

  • Hot Black Coffee: Right across the road from my apartment, and a great spot for tea or coffee. They also have a cute patio out back.
  • Cafe 23: Seriously the best garden patio out back and the most delicious flavoured lattes.
  • Strange Love: Their chai latte is like no other I’ve had. So good!
  • Milky’s: I love their spin on a London Fog, the Chinatown Fog. Tastes like steamed fruit loop milk!


There are SO many great restaurants in Toronto but the ones below are ones I’ve gone to again, and again for years now:

  • La Carnita: Been one of my favs for as long as I can remember in Toronto. Serving Mexican food and delicious margaritas. It never disappoints!
  • Gusto 101: The mushroom pasta is solely what makes this place worthwhile (oh and their $1 oz wine specials). IYKYK
  • Kaka Sushi: A new fav for all you can eat sushi. It’s a bit more elevated in terms of their unique dishes, and so good. If you’re looking for a more “typical” all you can eat, I’ve been going to Aji Sai on Queen West for years.
  • Tav’s: Discovered in the last year or so, Tav’s Gnocchi Bar has a long list of delicious, homemade gnocchi to choose from and is located in Little Italy.
  • Oro Di Napoli: This was my go-to spot to order take-out from in the pandemic but they have a cute patio and restaurant to visit to. Great pasta and pizza!


Places that I regularly order from but don’t necessarily visit in-person very often:

  • Fresh: A vegetarian restaurant with great healthy options and plant-based alternatives.
  • Kibo: Delicious take-out sushi with multiple locations across the city.
  • Mizzica: THE BEST gelato hands down. They’ve won international awards for their gelato.
  • Happy Burger: Better alternative from ordering from McDonald’s. Delicious fast food chicken burgers, burgers, and waffle fries.


Some great places I regularly frequent for drinks because they’re easy, and good:

  • Bar Hop on Peter: Always been my trusted bar for a great beer list, and always having a spot to sit as they have 3 floors of seating, including a great rooftop in the summer.
  • Gift Shop: If you’re looking for a unique experience and bougie cocktails, this is your spot! Make sure to make a reservation though.
  • District: This unassuming place has some great, inexpensive cocktails to choose from. Their food is pretty decent to if you’re looking for an easy, pub lunch.
  • Collective Arts: The infamous brewery opened up a brewpub only within the last couple of years and their wide selection of unique beers, and gins, alongside their patio make for a great spot to catch a drink with friends.
  • Melrose on Adelaide: Catch happy hour at Melrose for great deals on delicious cocktails, and charcuterie.


Nothing beats the park vibes in the summer in Toronto, here are some of my go-to parks for having a drink or picnic in a park with friends:

  • Grange Park: This place is basically across the road from me which made it an easy meeting spot during the pandemic when all we could do was sit in parks with friends. It’s been my go-to on a sunny afternoon to lay in the sun and read a good book.
  • Osgoode Hall: A less popular park option is in front of Osgoode Hall. Most people think this isn’t open to the public due to the fancy gates around it, but it is and it’s always less busy than some of the other parks in the city.
  • Trinity Bellwoods: Okay, this is probably most peoples go-to park because it’s always bustling on any summer night or weekend but there’s no other vibe like the vibe at Bellwoods.


These recos may just be for those local to Toronto, but here’s my go-to places for all the personal care necessities:

What are some of your favs? Share below in the comments.

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