July 4, 2010 – Day 3 of Camp

We finally organized our break schedule last night so today we get nice and long breaks instead of stupid little 30 minute breaks like they had given us originally. Right now I am on my break sitting outside a restaurant that is closed but we still manage to get WIFI out here, so another girl and I are sitting outside and enjoying the view and on our computers!

Today was sunny and it hasn’t rained YET but when you look up at the mountain tops you can tell it’s raining up there, or it will rain here soon! When it rains here it’s never a drizzle, it is unexpected torrential downpours that last quite awhile!

Today was also the first day we actually followed the schedule and had English lessons with the kids. We combined the 2 youngest groups for there class time and just did some easy, fun activities with them. So far my kids are really good especially in comparison to some of the other groups!! I only have 3 boys and they are all hilarious and 15 girls, but all the boys at the camp are really outgoing and for example yesterday since it was raining we made them all dance and learn random line dances and the majority of them joined in, we were shocked!

It’s weird to get used to a camp with only 7 counsellors and 54 kids in comparison to the 100 kids we had last year with 18 counsellors. It is different but a good kind of different, although both camps cannot be compared what so ever!!


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