Heineken Experience, Markets & Great Food

Today I wandered around and explored a bit more in my new area. I visited the Albert Cuypstraat market which was really cool. It’s an entire street that has a daily market on it. Selling things from produce, to fish, to clothing, to shoes. All the food looked so good that I’ve decided I need to go back there another day when I have more room in my belly. I had some delicious fries for lunch again but these ones you could watch them slice the potatoes and make them fresh right there. Then I had some freshly squeezed orange, kiwi juice! After that I didn’t really do anything specific other then find a store where I could buy a new phone charger and just walk around and enjoy Amsterdam and the beautiful 19 degree day we had.

I then met up with my friend Crystal down at the Henieken Experience, which is an interactive museum set up in the old Heineken brewery. It was really cool, you don’t have a tour guide so you walk through at your own pace and see all sorts of stuff from the ingredients put into beer, you can learn how to drink beer properly, play fun games etc. in the interactive zone and enjoy a few beers of course in their bar. At the end you can take a free canal cruise to the Heineken store that’s closer to the city centre. Of course you take a Heineken branded boat complete with Heineken beer.

After that we went to this really cool Italian restaurant where you were given credit card like cards and you visited different stations to order your food and watch it being prepared in front of you. Then you scan your card at any of the stations you visit and pay at the end. It was sooooo good & cheap. It was called Vapiano.

It was a great day & a lot of fun! I also found a 48 hour tram pass on the ground so now I can ride the tram for free for the rest of my trip. Score!


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