Made it to Madrid

Hello Everyone,

We made it to Madrid!! The flight was long and delayed an hour which kind of sucked!! We also didn’t get one of the new planes with the mini tvs so we were stuck watching Yogi Bear!

The Metro ride to our hotel was soooo easy, so many less stops than in the past years and the hotel we are in is beautiful!! We are two to a bedroom and the rooms are like mini apartments with a kitchen, living room, dining room, bathroom & bedroom! We also have a rooftop pool which is sweet! The company that we work for also is in the same building so today when we had training at 6pm it was nice and easy!

Other then that we chilled by the pool for awhile today, just been relaxing. Getting to know everyone from our camp! Tonight we will probably just drink a bit up on the rooftop bar and go out for dinner! Everyone is walking around in a daze on no sleep so I’m pretty sure it will be an early night tonight.

Also, I am losing my voice! Hopefully it doesn’t completely disappear because starting camp on Saturday with no voice would really suck.

Anyways, I’m off for now. Just a quick update!


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