The Perfect Layover with My Cloud in Frankfurt, Germany

Layovers suck, especially long ones. Whether you’re on route to your destination and just want to get there, or on your way home and just want to be in your own bed, and have a shower in your own shower. Layovers can really drag out your trip, exhaust you, increase your jet lag symptoms, and just overall are very rarely “fun”.

Recently I had a 13 hour layover on my way home from Morocco. I flew from Marrakech to Frankfurt, Germany and arrived at around 8:30pm in Germany. Given that it was the night time, there really was no point in leaving the airport to explore. And although I’ve definitely spent layovers sleeping on an airport floor, I really didn’t want to do that to my body. Thankfully I came across My Cloud and had booked a room with them so I could get a good nights sleep and a hot shower before my second part of my journey home to Toronto.

About My Cloud

My Cloud is located in the transit area of the airport in terminal one. This means that you don’t have to actually leave the airport, go through immigration, pick up your baggage (as long as it’s being checked all the way through), or anything like that once you land. All you have to do is head towards gate Z25.

What’s great about My Cloud is that you can book rooms by the hour, so it doesn’t matter how long your layover is, you won’t be overpaying for a full day or night if you don’t need it. The minimum amount of hours you can stay is three, to the maximum of 24 and prices start at 79 euros for a single room for three hours.

The room

There are both single and double rooms available and rooms that face inwards or outwards (facing the tarmac). However, I had an outwards facing room and the windows were soundproof so you couldn’t hear anything. It was incredibly quiet and peaceful.

Each room is modern and clean and equipped with everything you need for a comfortable stay including a cozy bed, hot shower, television and a little work desk. WiFi is free and works in the rooms, and there is also free hot beverages available in the lobby.


Since the hotel is located within the airport, you obviously have access to any of the restaurants and services an airport has to offer. Most however close at around 9:30pm. There are vending machines located in the lobby of the hotel too. Both a beverage one that also has alcohol available, and a food one with basic snacks. You can either use euros or a credit card (with tap capabilities enabled) to use the machines.

Overall, I had a good night sleep, a hot shower and I felt rejuvenated in the morning when it was time to catch my flight. I ended up getting sick a few days before in Morocco so I’m SO GLAD I had this hotel booked for my layover because sleeping on the floor wouldn’t have done me any good. My Cloud was such a unique and convenient experience and I only wish that they will expand into other airports ASAP so layovers don’t have to be such a burden.

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Disclaimer: My Cloud offered me a complimentary stay in order to write about my experience. I only recommend things that I enjoyed, and think other travellers would also enjoy. All opinions in this piece are my own and 110% honest. 

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