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Reading List: Jordan

If you asked me what my favourite place is that I’ve ever traveled to, without a doubt I’d say Jordan. Jordan is located in the Middle East and although may not be somewhere the average person would think to travel to, it seriously is such an amazing country.

I visited Jordan a few years back on a solo trip I actually won through a writing contest. I was incredibly intimidated to go to Jordan alone, but I couldn’t pass up an opportunity for a free trip to a new, exotic place I’d never been before. Once I was there I quickly fell in love with it. The food, the people, the vast scenery that allows you to go from camping in the desert to floating in the Dead Sea in a day. This country has so much to offer so I wanted to compile some reading material for you to inspire you to book a trip to Jordan and help you plan it.

Sample Itineraries:

Things To Do:

Where To Eat:


Jordan is a magical destination, and the best part is that since it’s relatively small, you can cover a lot of land in only one week. If you have any tips or advice for traveling through Jordan, share below in the comments!

Happy travels!

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