Why You Should Attend the Women in Travel Summit

The Women in Travel Summit (WITS) is an annual event that takes place over one weekend every year in a different location. The summit brings together 500 women from around the world with one common interest—their love for travel.

Hosted by Wanderful, the goal of WITS is to inspire, teach and connect attendees together. There are tons of sessions throughout the weekend focusing on helping women become bigger and better bloggers, and business women.

I’m so excited to be attending WITS this year, and not just as an attendee, but also a speaker! Debating whether or not you should attend? Here are just some of the reasons why you should:

The people

My first WITS I attended was in Boston a couple years ago. I was very new to the blogging world but was intrigued to learn more and find some like-minded people, and that’s exactly what happened. If there was one thing I took away from my experience at WITS, it was a ton of new friends and contacts. It’s truly inspiring to be in a room of hundreds of women who are all there to learn and support one another.

I have to admit, being a blogger at the time of my first WITS with little to no followers or knowledge about where I wanted to take this, I was intimidated that everyone at the conference were going to just be the “big names” in blogging. I was scared I’d feel like a little fish in a big pond. However, it wasn’t like this at all. There were bloggers of all sizes, some that did it full-time, some part-time, some with millions of followers, and some who didn’t even have a blog yet. Everyone was so nice and welcoming and I can’t say I’ve ever gotten along and connected with so many people in just a few days.

The speakers

Meeting all the amazing attendees isn’t the only benefit of attending WITS, there are also a ton of great sessions and speakers happening throughout the three days. Day one this year (Friday May 4th) is a Blogger 101 Day! Where there will be beginner sessions happening throughout the day on things like WordPress, finding your niche, what it’s really like to be a blogger, and social media 101. I’ll actually be running the social media 101 session this day! For the Saturday and Sunday of the weekend, more sessions will continue on everything and anything related to blogging and travel. Such as social media, finances, trademarking, and more.

The activities 

This year, WITS is happening in one of my favourite Canadian cities, Quebec City from May 4-6th. Quebec City feels like a piece of Europe in Canada and it’s one of the most magical Canadian cities (in my opinion). There is a ton to see and do in the area, so attendees are encouraged to join the free pre and post conference tours and activities or extend their trip beyond or before the weekend to really get to enjoy the area!

On top of the free tours, they provide meals, networking opportunities and parties throughout the weekend for you to attend. I found in comparison to a lot of other conferences, you really got your bang for your buck at WITS and had the best of all worlds.

I hope I’ll see you there! If you haven’t bought your ticket yet, it’s not too late, use the affiliate link below! 🙂

Buy your tickets here.

BONUS! I’m also offering mentoring sessions during the weekend which will be a chance for you to sit down with me and pick my brain about your social media strategy or lack there of. You can sign-up for a mentor 101 session here for an additional fee.

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