Things You’ll Appreciate More After Traveling

When you travel overseas you probably think to yourself, “I won’t miss anything about home.” Before you know it you begin to find yourself saying, “Ugh I really miss [INSERT THING].” Traveling really gives you a new appreciation for the things we take for granted or don’t think twice about back home. Here are just some things I’ve been so grateful for after returning from an adventure.

1. Normal Showers
I don’t know what it is about showering in other places of the world, but it always seems to be interesting each place I go. I’ve had showers that spray all over the bathroom, getting everything wet, showers that don’t have a clip for the shower head, therefore you’re forced to hold it yourself, and plenty of freezing cold showers.

2. Normal Toilets
From squat toilets, to toilets that you don’t know how to flush, to bathrooms that you slowly open the door, petrified what might be on the other side of the door. Hey, I even had a toilet that just had a whole that went right out on to the train track as you were traveling. Sanitary right?

3. Toilet Paper
Toilet paper is surprisingly not necessary in every bathroom you go to. Often you are forced to carry your own around, and pray that you don’t forget some at the worst possible time. Can we just talk about the hoses they leave for people to use, like I don’t even understand how you use it without being soaked?

4. Beds
Hard beds, soft beds, no blankets, no sheets, beds that make you question if the person on the top bunk is going to fall on you in the middle of the night. Nothing beats coming home to your own cozy bed after an adventure.

5. Money
Isn’t it nice when you return from a trip to not have to do conversions on the spot, in your head, whenever you buy something? Not having to think twice about the cost of something is such a relief.

6. Food & Drinks
Food and drinks is one of my favourite highlights of ANY trip. I love trying new local foods and experiencing the culture, BUT after being away for a long time you learn to appreciate a home cooked meal. Sometimes it gets exhausting going out for every meal, having to find a sanitary place to eat, and after a while, you just want something familiar.

7. Water
Not having to constantly worry about where your water is coming from and if it’s safe or not is definitely a relief when you return home. Often you forget how crucial water is when it’s so readily available to you in your own country.

8. Phone Service
Although it’s nice to unplug on vacation, you can’t deny that you begin to miss phone service. Especially when you’re lost somewhere and wish you could just pull up Google Maps, or when you have a question about something you see, but can’t automatically Google it.

9. Having a Closet
Living out of a backpack is fun, but exhausting after a while. It’s nice to be able to feel settled and not like you need to dig through all your stuff to find what you are looking for. Not to mention how sick you get of all the clothes you pack!

10. Laws
Although the “anything goes” way of life is great, fun, and allows for crazy adventures and stories. After awhile it gets exhausting being in a place with minimal laws, or very different laws from your own. It gets exhausting worrying about food safety, taxi scams, and will you ever learn that staying till 6 am at the bar is never a good idea? 

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    September 15, 2015 at 8:45 pm

    After backpacking in Mexico, I can definitely relate to some of these things!

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