Eating Nashville’s Best with Nashville Food Adventures

Nashville is not just a music city, but it is lined with great restaurants and food joints that you need to try when visiting. My step mom and dad organized this awesome tour when we were recently visiting Nashville with Nashville Food Adventures that allowed us to cover a lot of ground and try tons of local food in just a few hours, and I loved it!

First off, this isn’t a sponsored post. I actually just genuinely really loved this tour! Food tours are always an excellent way to see the city, and also try some of the local cuisine. I always like them when traveling because I find them less drawn out and boring like some tours, and more like a fun way to try some of the local hotspots, while seeing the city. What’s great too is that if you’re visiting a place for a short amount of time, there usually isn’t enough meals in the day to try all the great spots. Food tours make it easier to try a bunch of tasty foods all in one day!

Nashville Food Adventures offers a variety of different types of tours daily. They offer walking tours as well as van tours, and they offer both private tours and public tours. Our family did the Taste of Nashville Tour which is one of their most popular routes. This tour took us around to different neighbourhoods on five stops! We had three food stops, a drink stop, and a dessert stop, all while learning all about the city on route.

Here are some of the stops we had…

PepperFire Hot Chicken

Nashville is known for their hot chicken. A fad that dates back decades and that originated in the East End of the city. One of the most popular hot chicken joints in the city is PepperFire Hot Chicken. On this stop you’ll have the option of how hot you want your chicken. I like spice but I went with the “light mild” option and I think any hotter I would’ve been dying! However, the chicken was super delicious and the bread it’s served on balances the heat.

3 Crow Bar for Bushwacker

A lively bar in east Nashville that serves great cocktails and food, 3 Crow Bar was on our stop primarily because we needed to try Nashville’s unofficial drink, the Bushwacker. The origins of this cocktail come from the Caribbean and after a tourist loved this beverage, they brought it back home to Nashville. Now you can find the part milkshake, part cocktail in almost any major cocktail bar. The Bushwacker is made with multiple liquors like Kahlua and rum and tastes kind of like a Wendy’s Frosty!

Martin’s BBQ

Nashville is known for their BBQ and Martin’s is one of the city’s favs. We stopped here to try a variety of different meats like brisket, ribs, complimented with a hush puppy. If you’re lucky you can see the whole hog that’s in the smoker for the following day while you’re there. The meat here is to die for and falls right off the bone, and you can’t beat the smell!

I Dream of Weenie

This hot dog joint is seriously the cutest. It’s made out of an old Volkswagen van, with cute hot dog planter outside. Their menu is filled with different types of hot dogs and on this stop you’ll get to try three different kinds in a little sampler. I loved this place! Also, the name is too cute.

Las Paletas

Paletas are a Mexican treat that are made with fresh fruit and no sugar. They are essentially a “healthy” popsicle! This cute shop was started by a Mexican family and is the perfect end to the food tour because at this point you’ll be busting at the seams. Las Paletas has a ton of different flavours to choose from!

This tour was a fantastic intro to the Nashville food scene! It was only around three hours long and for a non-private tour costs $69 a seat. Note that if you choose a different tour, prices will vary.

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