My Go-To Pizza Spots in Toronto

If there’s one thing I know for sure is that my love for pizza is strong. One of the best parts about living in Toronto is that it is a city that seriously has amazing food from all corners of the earth (we have the multiculturalism in this city to thank for that). Finding the best pizza spots in any city is critical because not only is it one of the most popular foods in the world, it’s also the most common to order for take-out/delivery. Anyway, I’ve compiled this list for you of the best pizza in Toronto (in my personal opinion). Let me know yours in the comments!

Photo Credit: @NorthOfBrooklyn

North of Brooklyn

With several locations across the city, North of Brooklyn is one of my favs. Their pizzas are quick, and absolutely delicious. My favourite is the Killer Bee with sausage, jalapenos, and a drizzle of honey. North of Brooklyn served New York-style pizza (obviously from their name) and if you’re looking for an elevated pizza that is 110% satisfying, this is your spot.

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I had never heard of Detroit-style pizza before having Descendant’s so I can’t really speak to if this is the best of this style you’ll find, but given it’s popularity I’m going to say it is. Detroit-style pizza is rectangular shaped pizza with a thick/deep crust, and Descendant’s is THE place if you want this elevated za. One tip here though is if you want to score some for delivery, your order is going to have to go in hella early. Like I mean hours before you want your pizza to arrive. Sometimes they’re so busy they even remove themselves off the delivery apps completely, so plan ahead for this one!


If I was to put this list in order, this would probably be on top. I love Blondie’s pizza, not only does the pizza come in an adorable pink patterned box, but it’s so delicious. My go-to is the Hot Girl, Cold Drink that has jalapenos and a drizzle of honey, making it the perfect salty, but sweet pizza. They have multiple locations across Toronto and the GTA meaning you can order it for delivery just about anywhere.

Photo Credit: @CafeOroDiNapoli

Oro Di Napoli

If you asked my boyfriend and I where we ordered in from the most together, it would be Di Oro Di Napoli. It’s always the place that both of us can always agree on. Di Oro Di Napoli has a wide menu of Italian classics (their gnocchi is to die for) but we most commonly order their pizza. If you’re looking for traditional, fire-oven pizza, this is it. They have so many amazing flavour combinations to choose from, and you will NOT be disappointed with this spot.

Photo Credit: @Superpoint184


Okay I love Superpoint for not just the big pizzas, but the vibe of this place. You don’t often think to go out to a pizza restaurant for dinner, usually you order it for delivery when you’re at-home, but this is worth a visit. Superpoint is located on the Ossington strip and has a super cool vibe for when you want a casual Friday night spot to enjoy a pizza with some cocktails with your friends. Don’t worry though, if you want to order for delivery, you still can, and it’ll still be delicious from the comfort of your couch.

Photo Credit: @MakerPizza

Maker Pizza

A city favourite, Maker Pizza is a go-to and for good reason. This Toronto pizza chain serves up some creative pizzas (along with the classics). You have to try their Frank’s Best white pizza if you are looking for something different. Otherwise, all their classic red pizzas are amazing. You really can’t go wrong with anything here.

What’s your favourite pizza spot in the city? Share below in the comments!

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