The Best Ice Cream Experiences to Have This Summer in Toronto

‘Tis the season that the temperature is climbing (it’s literally 29°C outside right now as I write this and with the humidity, it feels like 39°C). This means that it’s ice cream season. What better way to cool your body down, especially in a concrete jungle like Toronto, than to get yourself a cone of the cold stuff? These are some of the coolest ice cream cones you can get in the city. Most of which I’ve tried myself, some of which will be on my list to visit this summer!

iHalo Krunch

This is a Toronto favourite that has taken the city by storm since it hit the streets only about a year ago. They are located on Queen Street West near Trinity Bellwoods Park and also have had a pop-up happening until the end of July (2018) at the Lululemon near Queen Street West and Peter Street. Their ice cream comes in a few different flavours like ube. However, they are known for their black charcoal ice cream which is made from a coconut base. Pair that with a black charcoal cone and you’ll have the most gothic ice cream cone you can find.

Sweet Jesus

Sweet Jesus took the city by storm only a few short years ago. The lineup was and still is (at some locations) insane to get your taste at soft serve ice cream with some crazy and unique toppings. Starting with a location on John Street, Sweet Jesus has now expanded to over a dozen different locations in and out of the city including Niagara Falls and Muskoka. Featured above in the photo is Krusty The Cone – vanilla soft serve, cotton candy, cotton candy sauce, and rainbow sprinkles.

The Fix

Located in Joe Bird near the waterfront, The Fix serves up fun soft-serve concoctions that are perfect to grab for a stroll along the water. The Fix actually collabs with one of my other favourites on this list, Ed’s Real Scoop to serve up their ice cream creations, they also have their own housemade soft serve flavours and are always coming out with new creations that are seriously Instagram-worthy. Like their Campfire ice cream that comes complete with a roasted marshmallow, and chocolate-coated graham crackers.


I love matcha, the concentrated, super healthy green tea and who wouldn’t love it in ice cream form? Tsujiri is purely dedicated to matcha and is located centrally on Dundas Street West, not too far from the Eaton Centre. Try the matcha soft serve or one of the many other matcha-infused frozen drinks or desserts.


Located not too far from Tsujiri, Fugo started with ice cream and has since expanded its dessert offerings to include beverages and doughnuts. Their ice cream is homemade, offered in a variety of flavours and comes in a cone rolled in marshmallows and different toppings like cookies. My favourite is the Cookie Monster or Cookies N’ Cream, however, you never know what kind of creations they’ll serve up next.

Note: Since writing this post, Fugo has moved to 265 Queen Street West. Still not far from Tsujiri, but not neighbours.

Junked Food

This food joint specializes in junk food creations and one of those creations is their famous cookie dough. No, this isn’t ice cream, but it looks like it, and who doesn’t love edible cookie dough? This also isn’t the typical cookie dough you get out of the tube that you’re technically “not supposed to eat”. Plus, it comes in a variety of different flavours!

Death In Venice

Previously located on Queen Street West, Death In Venice has a permanent location on Dundas Street West where it serves unique and delicious gelato flavours. When I was there they had a black garlic flavour and some other wacky ones along with regular-flavoured gelato. I tried blackberry balsamic vanilla gelato when I was there last and it was to die for!

Ed’s Real Scoop

With several locations across the city, this is one of my favourite spots for hard scoops of simple, but delicious, ice cream. This ice cream is homemade and comes in typical classic flavours, with new and unique combinations. I had honey and ginger which was delicious

Eative Film Cafe Restaurant

This little cafe in Kensington Market might completely surprise you with the fact that they serve soft serve ice cream coated with 24K gold flakes. Don’t worry, it doesn’t cost you an arm and a leg either, choose your soft serve flavour, and have it coated for around $12 CAD and up.

Mizzica Gelato

This spot originally opened up right under the building I live in and then expanded and moved into a bigger location just down the road on Queen Street West. The owners are Italian and make fantastic, fresh gelato in a variety of flavours. Definitely my fav spot for gelato.

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