Toronto Local Businesses to Support for Valentine’s Day Treats

Love is in the air and it’s time to shop local!

Okay, I must admit, I think Valentine’s Day is kind of a silly “holiday” but we have very little things to look forward to and celebrate these days during the pandemic, so why not pretend to like the holiday this year?

I got inspired to put together this little gift guide after seeing so many great Toronto small businesses come up with unique and cute ways to celebrate that special someone in your life. Plus, I know you all loved my previous holiday guide I put together.

First off, I want to say that you can celebrate Valentine’s Day even if you are single. Send or deliver something to your bestie, family member, colleague, or whoever, that’ll make them feel special. Everyone needs something to bring a smile to their face.

Here are some of the great, tasty treats that I’ve seen in Toronto this year that you can buy for whoever you are celebrating with this year.

3-Course Meal Prepared by Chef Leanna La
Who wants to cook anyway? Try something different for Valentine’s than traditional take-out and support local chef, Leanna La, by purchasing this delicious 3-course meal. You don’t even need to cook it!

Quench Bar’s Cocktail Kit
Purchase this special cocktail kit to mix up two custom cocktails: “Soda Think You’re Cute” and “Let’s Get Fizzical”. Another good idea is to purchase a virtual cocktail making class for you and your partner or friend to do together virtually.

Shop local for Valentine's Day by buying these beautiful hand painted macarons in Toronto.
Photo Credit: Cake In A Box

Hand Painted Macarons from Cake In A Box
These gorgeous macarons almost look too good to eat. Created by a professional pastry chef based in Oakville, however, they offer pick-up locations in Toronto too.

Sweet Treats from Sweets From The 6ix
Sweets From The 6ix was created after the founder had been laid off countlessly during the pandemic. Support her by shopping her delicious baked goods. Their Valentine’s Day menu is loaded with things from chocolate covered strawberries, to hot chocolate bombs. Plus, their free Toronto delivery makes it easy to shop local.

Luxury Cheese Grazing Platters by Kiss My Pans
Who doesn’t love charcuterie? These Kiss My Pans are absolutely stunning, and you can eat them all up. They are sure to sell out so make sure to order ASAP!

Smashable Chocolate Hearts by PetiteDelights
Ever want to smash one of those chocolate hearts you see all over social media? Now is your chance. PetiteDelights makes beautiful breakable hearts in a variety of flavors, colours, and personalizations.

Shop local for Valentines Day in Toronto with these beautiful handcrafted chocolate.
Photo Credit: Rhea Artisan Chocolate

Chic Twist to a Box of Chocolates with Rhea Artisan Chocolate
Rhea was featured in my holiday guide as well and their chocolates look absolutely stunning (and delicious). The perfect twist to a classic box of chocolates.

Gorgeous Baked Goods from Maravilha Dolce
These baked goods are absolutely gorgeous. This online bakery specializes in French style cakes and treats. They have several Valentine’s Day boxes available.

Healthy, Beautiful Chocolate from the Funky Chocolatier
Another gorgeous chocolatier, these beautiful works of art are made with healthier ingredients than your usual corner store chocolate, plus, they look amazing!

A fill your own cannoli box perfect for Valentine's Day in Toronto.
Photo Credit: Holy Cannoli

Cannoli’s from Holy Cannoli
Who doesn’t love cannoli’s? Holy Cannoli has gorgeous Vday boxes, and even a fill-your-own box to make it more interactive.

Lux 24K Gold Brownies by Queen St. Bakery
Make the most next level brownies ever, seriously though, they are 24K gold. This DIY kit from Queen St. Bakery is a great DIY activity for you and your partner (or friend).

Shop local in Toronto for Valentine's Day with this Send a Negroni kit.
Photo Credit: Send a Negroni

For your boo who doesn’t have a sweet tooth

Send a Negroni
For those in your life that aren’t into sweets, this is the perfect gift. Send a Negroni is just that, send a cocktail-gram to your friend or lover.

Swell Made Date Night in a Box
Designed to host a date night in a box, this is a great idea for something to do with your love, or buy for a later date.

Say “I love you” with beer
Who doesn’t like alcohol? There are so many local breweries that you can shop local at. Some of my fav breweries can be found here (East end) and here (West end).

If you have any great Toronto businesses to shop local at this Valentine’s Day and beyond, share below in the comments!

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