Barcelona, Spain

Saturday we had our long bus ride back to Madrid from our camp. I was kinda sad to be leaving the beautiful mountains! No place would ever compare to that place! The bus ride was long and a few kids threw up everywhere which was not enjoyable. Once we got to Madrid we went shopping and I bought A LOT, I went on a hunt for a Spain World Cup jersey and found out they are sold out in Madrid. I finally found a children’s one that happened to fit me!! Then we went out for some Tapas and the Spanish monitors took like all the Canadian monitors out to this dinosaur bar where the drinks they served were MASSIVE! Like legit the smallest drink had about a bottle of wine in it! It was a wild night!

The next morning we trekked it to Barcelona. It was quite the trek to find our hostel from the airport but our hostel was nice and right on the beach! We shared our room with 2 girls from the states, 2 guys from New Zealand and 1 guy from Paris. We spent the day on the beach then walked to Las Rambas and looked around in the shops. Then we went out for dinner to a seafood place and got Pallela with the girls from the states that we met in the hostel. Afterwards we took the metro to see some of the famous sites lit up at night. I fell in love with Barcelona, I love it so much more then Madrid! It is so nice!

Then this morning we woke up bright and early and took the bus back to the airport where we caught our flight to Athens, Greece. We got here early afternoon and I had a delicious Salami & Feta sandwich before we hopped on the train from the airport which only took about 30 minutes to get downtown Athens. Our hostel was super easy to find. It’s kind of in a sketchy alley way but we are close to everything and have access to everything. Today we walked around the streets looking in stores and tomorrow we have a tour planned. But anyways, we are on our way to go eat some Greek food! mmmm!!

Bye for now!


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