Ready for Some Civilization

There are 5 days left of camp. We discovered some free wireless outside the spa here.. its a bit uncomfortable sitting outside on rocks to steal wireless but it works. My kids have not gotten better they are by far the most misbehaved group of kids at the camp! Were in the midst of making the movies again.. the project from hell. We had an awesome movie planned out then my kids changed there minds and wanted Mama Mia. First off I can’t stand musical movies and second off its HORRIBLE! Yesterday I went to the doctors finally for my ankle. I figured it was about time. It wasn’t as sketchy as I thought it would be. It was about 30 minutes away and 2 other kids also had to go for their ankles so we all went. It was like a clinic and thank god they didn’t give me a hard time with my insurance. The doctor told me (well told the Spanish monitor and she translated it to me) that nothing serious is wrong with my ankle but I HAVE to rest it. Which I clearly haven’t been doing a very good job of since my job obviously doesn’t involve resting of any sort. So anyways, we arranged my breaks so I have sports off and only am teaching English and stuff that doesn’t involved running around which is good. Besides that we have gone out to the disco here a few nights. Last night our bartender friend who owns a bar here had a party for all the staff at the resort. We left early cause it was EXTRA smoky and we were all dying!! I’m extra excited to leave camp.. as much as I love it here, my kids are wearing me out and I need some civilization!! But anyways, I must go!! Adios! Spain



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