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SublimeWare Travel Adapter Review

Unfortunately when we travel, plugging in and charging your electronics isn’t always simple. Many countries have different voltage and plugs that you have to adapt your electronics to and often times countries have multiple different outlets they use. Two prong, three prong, boy it can get confusing! Recently on my trip to Sri Lanka for example I read about the particular outlet they use and brought the appropriate adapters only to find out that my resort was using UK plugs because they thought that be more convenient for guests. For me it’s important to have a place to charge my batteries at night and I know it’s important for many other people on their travels too. That’s why when I was contacted by SublimeWare to try out their travel adapter, labeled as one of the best travel adapters out there, I knew I needed to give it a try!

For me I own probably over a dozen different adapters and only pack the ones I might need on the trip, however, that can be difficult when you research the place you are traveling to only to find out they could potentially have three different types of outlets. I hate packing unnecessary things in my suitcase so packing all sorts of adapters in hopes one could work is annoying. What’s great about the SublimeWare travel adapter is that I only need one adapter for anywhere I travel. This adapter is all-in-one and you can easily use the bottoms and switches built right on the adapter to switch between countries. Even better if you’re hitting multiple countries on your trip!

One of the other great features about this compact multi-purpose adapter is that you can charge multiple things at once with it! No more packing multiple adapters for the same country to ensure you can charge more than one thing at once. With this SublimeWare adapter you can charge four USB devices together as well as one regular item in the front. Yay for not having to decide on if I’ll charge my phone, GoPro or camera batteries each night!

What Makes It So Great?

  • Charge multiple devices at once (four USB ports and one regular plug)
  • Durable prongs and lock in mechanism allowing your selected prongs, etc. to stay firmly in place
  • High quality converter that safely converts 220V to 110V and vice versa without overheating your electronics
  • Fits in over 150 countries outlets
  • Small and convenient for light traveling
  • Low price but high quality (only $22.99 USD)
  • Comes in a mini black zip carrying case to keep it in tip top shape

Final Verdict

Overall the adapter will definitely be my new travel companion. Gone are the days I’ll be stuck second guessing how many converters I’ll need and how many different types I should bring just in case and gone are the days of being left with no battery or blowing up by electronics because of voltage. I can’t wait to bring the SublimeWare travel adapter on my next trip!

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Disclaimer: I received a complimentary product from SublimeWare to conduct a review. I only recommend products that I enjoyed using, and think other travelers would benefit from. All opinions in this piece are my own and 110% honest. 

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    August 12, 2017 at 8:50 pm

    I am sold!! All three of my converters broke when I was over in the U.K. upon arrival, so I’ve been desperately looking for a better converter ever since!! I know where my next pay cheque is going now 😉

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