Dinosaur Sized Drinks at Diplodocus in Madrid, Spain

As a new colleague walked down the hostel hallway to inform everyone in their dorms that we were going out, I didn’t even question where we were going—which isn’t odd when you’re traveling and going with the flow. We all gathered outside on the road and headed off following the leaders of the pack—one Spanish, and the rest Canadians who had all been to where we were going in previous summers.

We had just finished working a few months in summer camps scattered across Spain as camp counselors and it was time to celebrate one last night in Madrid before we all jetted off different ways to travel Europe. I didn’t really care where we were going, I trusted the recommendations of others, but I didn’t expect to have to trek to the other side of the city (or what felt like the other side of the city). I mean, this was Spain—we could go anywhere and have fun!

Finally we arrived, as we entered I couldn’t help but notice the grunginess of this bar, and the fact that we stuck out like a sore thumb. I mean, none of us looked Spanish so we would have stuck out anywhere, but the people that lined this bar had long rocker hair, shirts with cut off sleeves and tattoos that filled their bodies. Where on earth were we, and why did we come here? Well it wasn’t too long until I realized the attraction to this bar.

Diplodocus in Madrid, Spain

Everyone held in their hands weirdly sized drinks, and no I don’t mean slightly bigger or super small, I mean these drinks were MASSIVE. Picture as if you were to buy a giant vase, fishbowl or a bucket to mop your floor and use that as a glass, and to top it off, they were cheap!

Diplodocus Rock Bar is located about a 22 minute walk north of Plaza Mayor, or a 16 minute metro ride (on the red line). The outside of this place matches the name, its dinosaur themed (in case you didn’t know a Diplodocus is a type of dinosaur). This is definitely the type of bar that if you walked by you would never think to go in, but if you do go in with an open mind, and the intention to overdrink (it’s impossible not to there), then you’ll leave super happy.

Diplodocus in Madrid, Spain

The drinks range from their mini size, which is pictured above, and go uphill (or downhill) from there, all the way to a bucket. I’m not talking about the buckets you get when you travel in Thailand; this is a full blown mop bucket. You can get all sorts of beverages in your “glass” from kalimotxo/calimocho to beer. The atmosphere may be weird and you will definitely not fit in, but even if you just show up to have 1 drink (equivalent of many) and snap some pics, it’s for sure worth the experience. You’ll leave Diplodocus Rock Bar thinking, “That was the weirdest place I’ve ever been,” and you’ll have an awesome story to tell when you return home.

What is your favourite bar experience you’ve had abroad?

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    August 13, 2015 at 1:58 am

    NIIIICE! Oh the beauty of barrio de Malasaña! Never been there but can’t say I’m surprised this place exists, specially there ^^ Glad you had such a great time ^^

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